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January 22, 2020, 10:12:00 am


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Douvrin track

Started by berzingue, February 21, 2014, 04:59:43 pm

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Hello, I'm actually working on a short track located in Douvrin, France.

My previous job was 3d environment modeler in video game industy, so I know how 3dsmax and Photoshop works,

My actual job is Land Surveyor : I've made measurements on this terrain, so précisions about banking and elevations is realistic.

The track works in game (it is bumpy on some corners and that's funny sections)

Unfortunaly I'm working on it during my (short) free time so it will take long time to finish it...but I' like to show you a part of the job, I'll feel less alone !!!!


looks really nice man. keep up the work
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yeah, looks really good.
Can't wait to try it ;)

Piers Prior

The world is your lobster



Tu gére violent mon vieux !
Tu pense avoir fini quand ? J'éspére avant l'ouverture :)


la piste est prête, ce qu'il manque c'est des objets pour meubler les alentours !

c'est quand l'ouverture ?


C'est le week end du 7-8 mars
Tu la fais ?


Franchement tu gères trop, hâte de tester ce nouveau circuit !


Tu comptes aussi faire le circuit d'ostricourt ? :)


Ostricourt n'est pas prévu pour l'instant, j'ai pas fait de levés topographiques et j'ai pas assez de photos. Mais un peu plus tard c'est pas exclu ! faut voir...

je publierais peut être une version beta en cours de semaine.

Piers Prior

The world is your lobster


Bon travail, le circuit à l'air "propre"
On pourra le tester cette semaine ?


Here is the link to download an alpha version of Douvrin (available 30 days) :


If you already drive on this track, please give me your feedback...do you find the last corner...too agressive ?


Havent tried it out yet, but the wireframe looks very clean, the textures are most times very nice and good mapped.
Also looks good in mapview .. a lot of cambered track :D

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