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European League archive

Started by laraarsa, January 30, 2012, 04:52:41 PM

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for me and stark yes from 20 to constand 50 fps i only put the antialias and antistopic from X16 to x8


First of all, big hand for Laraasa and Dibu for putting this thing together...

My experiences:
- Tonight no Problem with getting into the room
- With all drivers on track, noticable frame drop but still driveable, at least for me
- 1st Final start I was thrown out due to speeding although I was barely driving about 25 km/h :o
- 2nd Final I looked over my shoulder on the straigth to see who was behind me and to anticipate for the next corner, then big crash as this turning thing is now to slow and I hit a tyre
- Had a good fight with SteeCZ but it is difficult to pass without touching- a bit of LAG results in a wrong impression of the distance I think
- Overall good fun but I doubt if KRP can handle 24 drivers
- Also big LAG moment if somebody connect, ruined a good qualy lap :(

Thx all for joining and CU next time on the track
When it looks fast it usually goes fast....

The Iceman Marco

Here is the video about what I said. It was very strange. Everytime you see that P in the menu the driver disappeared from the track and came back when the P was gone. So most of the drivers disappeared and came back a few sec later the whole time.



April 13, 2012, 11:03:06 PM #258 Last Edit: April 14, 2012, 11:25:04 AM by dibu
I saw the same behaviour in an other race some days ago.


April 13, 2012, 11:08:52 PM #259 Last Edit: April 14, 2012, 12:38:32 AM by Nitrox
So my report:

First of all: technical

The server did work quite well for me. I could join without problems, join lag was OK. The driving with 9 drivers was a bit like chewing gum (several slowdowns) but the slowdown was quite smooth, so no biog problem. Some lags though, that made me hit the wall once or twice. So it worked quite well for 9 but I don't think it will work for more than 12 players.

What Is sad is, that I cannot view the full replay. The more time goes by, the less I can see of the beginning of the race. Does it get overwritten? I think this is a no-go because it is important for penalties etc.

Second: the race (with some technical critisism)

Training and qualify were smooth, did work really well! Training with wet surface did lag a bit more for me. Sadly only 9 drivers out of 24.

Pre-Final: The first lap was cool, I was impressed how smooth the start went (except it is really hard to be in different speed corridors with all the other drivers accelerating and braking sometimes randomly).
Then in the second lap: I raced along the straight and came to the first curve right. Laraarsa and another driver had crashed and were standing aside. From my view: Laraarsa first stood still on the right side of the straight and then pulled back and hit me - I had no time to react (and was quite pissed first). My wheel was broken so I had to retire (couldn't do any 180 left anymore).

Then I watched the replay and it was a bit different from laraarsa's onboard view: he seemed to be first in grass and roll back! He really should have hit the break (!) but at least it didn't seem like he pulled back actually.

So what Did you do? The problem here is, I think, that onboard and replay don't match sometimes, I wonder how this is during driving?

Final 1:

This did not go that smooth. I was said to have pushed another driver - from my view he lagged and then was like 90° to my kart - nothing I could have done.
A few laps after that a driver crashed me when I was next to him - kart broken again.

Technical bug: I could not watch the replay, just my last lap was recorded.

Then there was a vote for another final and the admin had a crash, thus disconnected

Final 2: Quite the same as in final 1: too many crashes. I finished, but
I was only one of I think three left!

Questions to the admin: Do the races count? Which one (you werent even there for the second)?
Further, I could now, as the procedure requests, write a PM and accuse several drivers of what they have done or not or could have done so in chat. I chose not to, because does it make sense until we don't even know if we see the same(btw this was posted before when a driver hit another driver, who was 1m apart in replay http://forum.kartracing-pro.com/index.php?topic=1596.msg12505#msg12505)? And because of missing replays I can't even see what happened?
BTW I'm happy to accept my penalty, count +10sec to "retired".  ;)


So what do I suggest for KRP?

- fix bug that you cannot record the whole replay (!!!) (or does it occur only for me?)
- continue improving netcode
- add ability to disable polls (If there is a supervised race, polls make no sense and are disturbing (unless the admin has a kart.exe crash, but well...)
(- when checking netcode and lags, the influence of replays would be interesting. While I understand that an online game will never be 100% lag-free, it would be useful to have at least the "thruth (i.e. matching replays)" in every replay.)

Ok server side replay can be watched, so you can ignore that.

- check dynamic surface. As there is more lag (but still depending on how many drivers are on track) on wet surface, it is probably related to this. (using low graphics makes no difference here for me, PC is strong enough)
- blue flag is displayed far too early (after I first saw it, it took Marco almost 3 laps to get close to me)
- blue flag should disappear after faster driver (first driver) finished race
- (concerning rubber build up, I have the feeling that grip is getting a bit strange after too many laps have been driven. But maybe my tires just got bad...)

The drivers:
- Please make sure to pay attention to other (including overtaking) drivers and drive a bit less aggressive if you cannot defend your position with good chance for success (although ofcourse, I think there still are many lag-related crashs). If you know when to let a faster opponent pass, it is more fun for everyone.
- we have to practice start XD
- make sure you listen to the opponents kart (then you know, if sb is next to you or not). Maybe there is still some fine tuning with sound needed?
- from the replay I see many crashes where the drivers did not guess correctly where the oponnent was, so I think we have to be a bit more careful (me included) in future races and leave the other some space!

The organisation:
- Thank you, laraarsa, for doing this! It was fun (and at least a good test).
- Uploading (if possible) a complete replay so everyone can watch the race and also see the crashes (penalties!) would be great! is this possible so you can choose player etc. in replays?

To sum it up, I think that Beta 6b is now the first Beta ready for racing. However, the nedcode still needs some improvements I think. Until then in my opinion organizing races is great, but maybe it's too early for a league, because I'm sure many will loose their points due to lags etc. This might be a bit unconvenient.

Thank you to all racers!

Edit: I didn't know you can edit replay cache - solved!


u are right the replay u can change in kart.ini there u can add [core] replay = ....
if u use only 300 mb u can record 2 hours normally no problem if u do 900 MB only with big tracks.


Thank you, whats the value for 900mb?


Quote from: Nitrox on April 13, 2012, 11:08:52 PM
- Uploading (if possible) a complete replay so everyone can watch the race and also see the crashes (penalties!) would be great! is this possible so you can choose player etc. in replays?

Here is the replay from the servers view (113MB): http://www.mediafire.com/?c8bwjbe826q6z1e

Thanks for your very informative report :).

Quote from: Nitrox on April 13, 2012, 11:23:09 PM
Thank you, whats the value for 900mb?
In kart.ini insert:


it was going fine but my computer crashed and i cant load a game with more then 4 people in so i couldnt get back in  >:( >:( >:(


I did go on my brakes fully! From my view my kart was still standing still.


Then we definately have some lag XD

The Iceman Marco

Quote from: dibu on April 13, 2012, 11:30:29 PM
In kart.ini insert:

Is there a limit for that value?


Never tried the limits, but KRP is a 32-bit application so it should be about 2GB.
Kart.exe occupies additional memory with the size of the replay buffer.
Maybe there are other side effects with extreme replay sizes.

IMO for normal events there is not much sense in replay sizes >400MB. Yesterday the whole event was about 113MB.


And those who have problems with FPS/lag with many people, are using extreme values for the replay?  ::)


No used standard values until now.