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July 10, 2020, 04:24:44 AM


Kart Racing Pro release11d available! :)

European League archive

Started by laraarsa, January 30, 2012, 04:52:41 PM

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I cutted a short video clip with the best scenes of the race. Will be online tomorrow.


For me according to race:
- lag in race a suddenly appearing karts
- blue flag so so early appears, driver is behind at least 4 corners
- i thing that karts are over reacting when touched. Even i was passed in corner in slow speed even light touch resulted that have been kicked out of track. Passing without contact is really tough. But it's probably due to the lag
- driver do not see peripheral as in reality and is really hard to know where opponent is when he goes aside with Me. Maybe some small indicator on what side and how heigh he is would help
- last laps during final the grip was really bad. Probably tyres were already poor. But what to do? Do the pit stop? Drive hard tyres? Or we drive just so many laps?


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there are 8 overtakes i think u can see there that it react too much.


Very nice vid, thank you very much!


Very nice compilation indeed.
Thank you :)
When it looks fast it usually goes fast....


BTW at 1:15 you can see that there is still a problem with collisions (hitting the air).


Thanks for the video! It shows the sim isn't yet ready.


So what's gonna be next? Test race is done, but....



Nothing is going on here. Does it mean that European league is over even before started? :)



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Marco Dakic

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Strifter Pan.

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Nice video of the race.

Would have been really amazing too see an even larger number of drivers participating. Thought there were about 24 drivers signed up for the event?