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Feedback needed

Started by PiBoSo, April 10, 2012, 05:09:27 PM

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April 12, 2012, 12:03:58 AM #15 Last Edit: April 12, 2012, 12:06:41 AM by Diddy4957
i was behind stark in a sesion and could hear my own kart as well as his, also when somebody is behind me and can still hear my own kart, although the noise of the other kart is a bit loud, not when it is directly behind but a litle bit further back i find it sounds as if I am about to be overtaken, but when i look behind the other kart is further back. I dont find it a big problem but it can be slightly offputting


u can hear ur own engine but to hear the other engine now u have to listen exactly to this other engine to know where he is. Only with speakers. with headset which i always use now because TS it is good.


i checked sound again today and it is good i think. Another thing to collision now we are 9 guys on server all acceptable pings, the highest 80.
I have done a 360° spin for fun infront of stark and he sad i touched him but i was 1meter nextto him. In replay u see much air between us but u also see that starks kart react to something, he was on straight.

there i touched him


I still have the problem of my wheel going crazy when standing at pre-start.  (I use a G25)
I only appears when I'm on the brakes, but unfortunatly on most tracks this is needed to remain the correct position.
Now something about lag, which is a problem in every sim. For me the lag of other drivers, even with a fairly high ping, is more than ok. For some reason though a laggy driver on the server can lag MY game down.
When playing LFS for exaple it seems to be different. My game always works the same, other cars are bouncing around and distract me, but my car always reacts the same.
In KRP my game is freezing if a laggy driver is out. Can make a race undrivable, cause you have to drive 1-2 seconds with a frozen screen.
Exspecially annoying during qualifying, where 2 or 3 drivers going in and out of pits several times can mess up every lap within the timeframe.



If you go through a kerb so fast or 'clip' it, you wreck, this is a problem that has never got fixed....this is a physics problem I guess


About the replay cam i 'll go try the free one but a camera cokpit view with just one click 'll be usefull.
For others kart sounds it seems ok but it would be cool to adjust our own sound engine level i think engine is a little too high for me after 40 lap...