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February 25, 2020, 07:11:00 am


Kart Racing Pro release10b available! :)

[Release] Toowoomba Kart Club (AUS)

Started by Ryan Harris, July 15, 2011, 10:38:43 am

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Have you already converted it?
If not, for uploading BTB projects you have to choose the whole directory in /Program Files/BTB/My Projects...It's probably really large, it includes all objects, textures and xpacks you used, even modifications you made to textures etc.

With this guide (http://forum.kartracing-pro.com/index.php?topic=196.0), conversion is not really a big deal, it just takes some time. You could try it yourself if you haven't already :)

Ryan Harris

thanks, one little problem i have is i dont have 3dsmax, so i will soon be uploading the track for someone else to convert then give it back to me, and i will learn how to do the rest. :D I just got to winzip up my track then upload it as soon as possible :D

Ryan Harris

RELEASE (BTB FILE) : Here is the link for the Download of my track. It is in Bobs Track Builder Form so anyone willing to convert this into 3dsmax for me would be gladly praised haha :D then when done, just put it up for download for me to get back off you. :D hopefully i will be able to use the Track tools with no problem :D

It would be gladly appricaited if someone could help me out :D thx : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GT24LAOX


I will have a look at it in the evening.  Btw, there is a 30 Days trial od 3damax ;)


Ryan Harris

Yeah if I could I would get the trial but I have to watch download limit. Thank you so much tho. Cant wait :d

Ryan Harris

Oh and one thing Nitrox, It was exported as a rFactor file, so you will have to follow the rFactor conversion tutorial. Thanks so much for doing this :D :D


Well, I imported the track in 3Ds Max and it looks very good so far. You really seem to know what you're doin' ;) I definetaly will convert the track, but it will take some time - not sure about how much free time I will have the next days.

There are some issues left:

- Three objects have no textures. I converted every picture format to tga, but those are left. Please check them in BTB, maybe you find the bug and reupload, or you find the textures in the xpack and upload them plus some screenshots of the objects in BTB (so I can tell which texture to put where).

- The trees you used seem very detailed. However, as KRP only displays the front side of the textures, there may be some invisible parts. They are too detailed to flip every texture for me, I would only do this to the most inappropriate parts.

- I'm not quite sure of the size of the track, it seems a bit big to me. Did you use kart track scale? There is a way to resize the whole track in the end if necessary, just wanted to know...

- I can see starting lights textures, but I can't find the starting light model. Could you show me where it is? Or are there just the textures?

- Terrain textures look good, I think. I won't do any mix with any background image, but I think it still looks fine :)

Anyways, great work man!


with the missing texturen, please check if they are in ┬┤dds format this should work fine.
@Nitrox: maybe this missing textures are in jpg convert them to tga and put them to the right object, should be possible because this are only 3 ;)


I made this mistake with my own track, this time I converted every picture to tga (dds, jpg, bmp, png,...). So I think they should be there, but they are not :)

Luca VT250

It is now possible to download the track?


Conversion will hopefully be finished next week.


Conversion is finished so far, please have a look at your messages ;)

Ryan Harris

Thank you Nitrox! The Track will be up for download very soon as i am about to edit it in tracktools. Not too long now :D


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