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Need someone with 3ds max 2010 to help export a track

Started by kayk73, February 18, 2021, 07:10:39 PM

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I am trying to create a track by myself, I have created an outline and am ready to test the track in KRP for the first time before I invest any more time in this, I have followed the tutorials from: forum.kartracing-pro.com/index.php?topic , and have the track saved as a .dae file from 3DsimED3 and have tried importing this into 3ds max 2021, scaling it before exporting as a .EDF .MAP and .TRP files but as I have found you need 3ds max 2010 to export it in the correct file type. (this is due to the export plugins being outdated), from what I can find there is no way to download 3ds max 2010 any more.

so, what I need is someone who has 3ds max 2010 with the track tools export plugins to take the .dae file (I can send it via a dropbox link) scale it in 3ds max 2010 and send me the .EDF .MAP and .TRP files back, as this is my first draft I may need it doing multiple times.

If anyone could do this for me I would be so thankful, and can send them a link as soon as they say that they can do it.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, to run your track in KRP you don't need 3dsMax 2010 or DAE and EDF formats. Please refer to the posts below:

Quote from: LXS77 on January 06, 2021, 01:17:20 AM...

When all the above is done, please follow the instructions below:

Quote from: Racehard on January 07, 2011, 01:50:19 PMNext you will have to work with PiBoSo's Track Tools (Track Editor/ TrackED and Map Viewer) software, which you get from here: http://www.kartracing-pro.com/?page=downloads

Which both are pretty good explained here:
Map Viewer: (in Map Viewer you can open your .map file and see if it looks alright)

TrackED: (in TrackED you finish your track for KRP)

Follow PiBoSo's Workflow instructions:
• Create a centerline
1. Centerline -> New
2. ....
If you finished that, you will have to create the Race Data.

Just play around a bit with the values and you will understand how it works.
(save the finsihed Race Data as .rdf file with the same filename as your .trp and .map file into the same folder)

And don't forget to set checkpoints to prevent cutting the track! In top right of the race data window you see the checkpoints, works exactly the same as setting up sectors, so just add as many checkpoints as you need to make the track secure against cheating.

This step is followed by the last part, bring it ingame :)

Right now you have the three files StyriaKarting.map, StyriaKarting.trp and StyriaKarting.rdf all in your track folder (StyriaKarting).

Navigate to the Kart Racing Pro main directory and copy the file tracks.pkz to a place of your choice (desktop or anywhere else), this file is a zip file, so you can open it with winrar or another archive program winzip etc. Inside the tracks file there's tracks\lonato. Extract the lonato folder to
X:\Program Files\Kart Racing Pro\tracks\ 
and rename it into your tracks name (StyriaKarting).

Inside the folder rename all lonato.xxx files into your tracks name (StyriaKarting.xxx)
-->  delete the file bestline.tl  --> copy and overwrite your three track files StyriaKarting.trp, .map and .rdf into it.

Now open the file StyriaKarting.ini (configuration file) with windows editor accessory and type in the correct data of your track)

The very last step before you can enjoy your new track in kart racing is to exchange the TGA pictures with appropriate ones of the same size and name showing your Track ;)

Updated links for your reference:
MapView - http://docs.piboso.com/wiki/index.php?title=MapView
TrackED - http://docs.piboso.com/wiki/index.php?title=TrackEd


Thanks LXS77 but I have got the track into 3DsimED as a 3DS file or a 3DsimED object and am having problems renaming the objects as it says to do in the PiBoSo wiki website as you cannot have multiple objects named the same, any advice?


 ??? A 3DS file? What software do you use to build the track? If it's 3ds Max 2021, no further conversions are needed, just export the track to FBX format. 3DSimED is only required for projects created in Bob's Track Builder.


Used bobs track builder, could export from 3DsimED as a 3DS file.
My issue at the moment is naming in 3DsimED, the PiBoSo wiki says to name all grass objects the same thing, but this isn't possible, how do I name multiple objects that need to be renamed the same?


Ah, OK then. Still can't get why you're trying to export to 3DS format, though  :) 

As for the objects, you can name them like this: trkgras_obj1, trkgras_obj2, trkgras_obj3, etc. When renaming, please make sure that Object Name and Instance fields have exactly the same values.

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Quote from: kayk73 on February 18, 2021, 09:37:12 PMUsed bobs track builder, could export from 3DsimED as a 3DS file.
My issue at the moment is naming in 3DsimED, the PiBoSo wiki says to name all grass objects the same thing, but this isn't possible, how do I name multiple objects that need to be renamed the same?
You can also attach them together. So they are considered one object of several parts.

Custom Track work


How do you go about attaching the objects together? naming singular objects worked for testing but now i have finished the track model it would be easier to attach them together.


In BTB, you can merge terrain elements into one area and copies of single objects can be merged into one group.

Click 'Edit Surrounding Terrain' icon, in the Terrain window select items from the left-hand side menu (Ctrl+Left Click to add an item) and press 'Merge' button. The selected elements will be merged into one area. You can rename this area if you go to the 'Properties' tab, but the name will not be exported from BTB, so it's mainly for your own convenience.

Merging copies of single objects is done in a similar way ('Edit Objects' icon -> 'Edit' tab).