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May 28, 2020, 03:23:58 am


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Track conversion (trouble with buildings and other objects).

Started by Alsim, December 25, 2019, 02:58:43 pm

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Hello everyone, first I wish you a Merry Christmas. I am new here because I just bought the game recently, and I love it so much ! I was an active modder on rFactor 1 quite a long time ago, and I had made a few kart tracks. I decided to convert them  thanks to LauZzZn's tutorials (who knows who I am but not under this name).

The first good point is that I understood well most of the tutorial, as the tracks works quite well (it loads, timing is OK,...) so there is nothing major but some buuldings troubles. As I didn't know what to do with them, I put them in the WLLCONC object in 3ds Max. And so they appear, but with shadows making them very ugly, and also some missing polygons. And obviously, I didn't have this problem in rFactor, so I don't really know what's wrong (maybe is it because of the many conversions from DAE to FBX then to MAP file). It is not so easy to explain, and as it is also difficult to show this with screenshots (added at the end of this message) so you'd better judge by yourself...Please do not take care of the grey walls, it was invisible walls I used for rF1 and I know I'll have to delete them ;-)

Could someone help me correct this , so I can release my track publicly ? If you can help just PM me and I'll send you the files (max scene, original rFactor SCN and the whole KRP folder)  ;) Thanks in advance and thank you for your work !

EDIT : it looks like it is the same for some trees and other objects. Also something strange is the lines in the picture below...does the game create automatically some grid lines ? As I had already made it I don't want it :D


hi alsim i would like you to help me to create my please circuit of layrac in france.


Hello, thanks for your message, but for the moment I am more into converting my existing tracks than into creating new ones (I don't really have the time to make a track from scratch). However, I hope there are many other modders that have more time and are much better than I am in 3d modelling ;) I still keep your request in mind, who knows...


just explain the exports to me because i have already created the circuit?


I am new to this and I've made a few mistakes, so I'm certainly not the best to explain you that. But it's by watching the videos on this topic that I understood how to convert, you should watch them too !


PS : if you speak French and feel easier with it, it's the same for me (je suis Belge);)


There maybe a bit of a dae to fbx issue but some of your graphic errors look familiar to me and they seem to be the way 3ds max address corners of say a recessed door way. The missing polygons are probably flipped which can be fixed with in 3ds max. I'd love to be of more help currently but I'm traveling. Krp does generate automatic grids so it's not necessary to make them unless you want a specific look. In general some tips we've learned to help things like FPS is to do a simple shape for the collision (a box around the building) and giving it a alpha texture and naming the building itself with the SHAD_ prefix.


Hello, thank you very much for your answer. I forgot to say that I received some help earlier and it made most of these troubles disappear (I got adviced to create a shell over the buildings and other objects, it works but it has increased the map's size). I will just try to flip the polygons however, if I can save some memory it's always better. I also simply deleted the invisible walls because they were useless in this game, and maybe will I do the same with the starting lines. Thank you again for your help ;)

EDIT : track "oversizing" is corrected, original starting lines are deleted and kerbs position has been updated !