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[Release] OK Junior and OK Senior
« on: August 25, 2017, 12:36:50 AM »
OK Junior and OK Senior
This mod is based on fictional dynos, both are essentially modified from their KF3 and KF1 counter parts with slightly faster mid range. The OKJ is on Mediums and the OKSr is on Soft and Mediums. The mod includes 3 engines an TM OKJ and OKSr an Vortex OKJ and OKSr and an IAME OKJ and OKSr all three are identical.


I do not authorize the redistribution of this mod to any other site besides the SimKartModding website. This mod is the sole work of Ian Bushey (DRkarter97/Raise) and may not be edited by anyone for any purpose with out the express consent of myself.

I highly recommend making an account on the SKM forum and checking in with us regularly because I will be posting everything to SKM first and KRP forum 24 hours later.
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