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Wet tyres in dry

Started by Piers Prior, September 15, 2012, 10:59:15 PM

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Piers Prior

i tried putting wet tyres on in the dry just 4 a laugh and it seems like the wet tyres are only 8 tenths off the pace of the soft tyres which isnt right, it should be more like 2-3 seconds slower. also they dont even wear out very fast, only a bit faster than softs, they should wear out if its completly dry in 3-5 laps, i managed to get 20 laps out of them easily and they were only 2/3 worn
just an obsivation thats all :P thnx
(sorry if this has been brought up before)
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THis was suggested time ago, but it needs a reminder, so don't worry ;)



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yeah, ive done that before and it does'nt affect grip that much so i say +1