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November 24, 2020, 07:20:30 AM


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Graphical telemetry

Started by jarowww, January 10, 2012, 11:43:29 PM

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Yes I meant something similar like your attached screen.

I sometimes work with the Performancebox and the Driftbox.
Their analysis software is not too complicated and works quite well.
Maybe you can find some further ideas there.

If you are interested in having a look at it, here you can download the PERFORMANCE TOOLS.

Here are some video tutorials which show how it works.

If you need some recorded files for testing, I can give you (Hockenheim GP, Nordschleife..).


Yep some sample files would be useful.
As i understand you thought about drawing track limits. And then drawing lap line.


Quote from: jarowww on January 22, 2012, 06:02:18 PM
As i understand you thought about drawing track limits. And then drawing lap line.

When I use your tracing function, the track map window shows the lines up to the point where my cursor moves.
This makes it hard to know at which point of the circuit you are, especially if zoom is used.

I would prefer if the complete laps are shown in the track map window and I see a cursor moving along the lines.

To have also the track limits would be perfect, but these limits would have to be created for each new circuit because they are not included in the recorded data. So maybe this is an option for the future.

Here are some samples including the circuit layout files.


So something like this ? You are making good point about seeing full line so it will be definitely included in future program versions. Far now i'm posting tweaked program version (be aware there is a bug that i just noticed it will be fixed later).
I'm loving idea of track limits. I think i will add this option and prepare at least one track data. I know that piboso released tool for map editing so taking limits can be done by hand.


January 22, 2012, 09:16:45 PM #19 Last Edit: January 22, 2012, 09:19:52 PM by dibu
Quote from: jarowww on January 22, 2012, 08:34:11 PM
So something like this ?
Yes, thats what I meant.
Quote from: jarowww on January 22, 2012, 08:34:11 PM
I'm loving idea of track limits.
Perfect, it makes it easier to judge the lines if you see the track limits. :)

Everything ok with the Performance Tools and my samples?


January 22, 2012, 10:13:32 PM #20 Last Edit: January 22, 2012, 10:23:24 PM by jarowww
Sorry didn't checked yet.
I have made track boundaries for essay short. I'm biased but it really looks good.
Download files right click track map and click "load boundaries"

Program works and loads your files. I'm now trying to find my way around program.


Very nice progress, I'm impressed - thanks :D


After playing a bit more with your nice program here are some suggestions.

Traction circle:
I think it would be better to show only the actual value if tracing is enabled. The view of the complete history is irritating.

Closing windows:
I can only close the three windows on the left side, maybe I'm doing something wrong with the rest.

Moving windows:
It should be possible to move a window on the screen. Now I have to reduce it at one corner and enlarge it at the opposite conrner for a movement.

Scale of time based XY-plots:
The X-axis shows an end value of 1000 instead of the time. Also the distance based plots don't show the real distance.

Changing the properties of a window:
A possibility to change the contents of a window e.g. from steer to break or from distance based to time based. At the moment I have to create a new window to see another plot.

I hope you are not nerved by my wishlist. ;D


January 23, 2012, 01:52:14 PM #23 Last Edit: January 23, 2012, 01:58:51 PM by jarowww
QuoteTraction circle:
I think it would be better to show only the actual value if tracing is enabled. The view of the complete history is irritating.
Did you try to use "samples" box ? You can set how many previous samples you want to see.
QuoteClosing windows:
When you want to move zoom region with pressed right mouse button drop down options list for plots is disabled. Turn off "Use RMB to drag zoomed plot".
Also you can press "R" keyboard button.
QuoteMoving windows:
Yes this is irritating as hell but i left it like that because you need to do it only one time and then save project.
QuoteScale of time based XY-plots:
Yes that bit dont work.
QuoteChanging the properties of a window:
this is also irritating for my defense i will say that in future versions you will have multiple "groups" of plots. So in one group you will have time based plots, in others distance based or any combination of existing windows. For now you can only save one visible "group".
QuoteI hope you are not nerved by my wishlist
Not one bit. You give really good feedback.


Setting samples to 2 is similar to what I wanted. Maybe you can add small balls like in the attached picture if samples are set to 1.
I'm still a bit irritated about the Average function. Which value do I have to choose for seeing the real momentary g-force of the point where my cursor is.
If I dont move my cursor and play with the Average values the displayd line moves around. So far an Average of zero seems to be the most realistic.

Hehe, I knew there is trick for closing a window ;). Thanks, the R key always works.


Add end point to traction circle - noted.
Avarage 0 means that data is displayed in unchanged form. When writing program i noticed that sometimes g-force jumps to high values. And it seemed that it isn't connected to kart movement (you are cornering with 2G and suddenly 3G sample appears). So i thought it would be good idea to add smoothing function (to hide samples that change too fast) . And this is exactly what average does.


Thanks for clarifying. I thought the same about the average function, but was not sure because of the strange behavior when only 2 samples are selected and I change the average values.
With one sample selected nothing is displayed for me. Therefore I thought it's a good idea to use this value for the biggger balls like in my attachement.


New version

- move window without resizing (movement follows cursor)
   - select window, press right mouse button and select "move" to start movement.
      When done select "move" again.
   - alternativly select window and press "M" to start movment and "M" again to stop.
- fast change XY plot axis types
(REMAINDER: Selecting "Use RMB(right mouse button) to drag zoomed plot" from Zoom toolbox disbles right
      click menu for XYPlots. Disable option to access fast change menu)
   - select earlier created XY plot, right click. Option list under "Y Axis" menu show available axis
      data types. Using this option selects predefinied settings for plot (so it will change your
      plot options like ymax or ymin values).
   - right click menu "X Axis" to change x axis data type (time/distance)
   - time difference window allows change of only x axis
- Traction circle
   - Setting "samples" to 1 displays dot
   - right click menu "Last sample marker" draws dot on last sample
   - menu "Sample fading" progresivly hides previous samples
   - menu "Tracking type" <see note>
- Track map
   - track map  creation window interface
      - accesible from /Add/Track map (creates new plot)
      - alternativly from right click "Settings" (configures existing plot)
   - new options
      - selecting last sample marker type
      - displaying all samples (till now samples drawing stopped at cursor)
      - "Compute trapezoid line" options creates data samples connected to bottom base of trapezoid
      - ability to load track borders and kerbs from files in ./data/track folder. Available tracks
         Essay and Essay short.
      - options "Tracking type" <see note>"
- close window shortcut changed to "C" (form "R")
- plot colors are saved and loaded from /data/settings.xml file
- fixed lap time/distance x axis display
- plugin changed old version should be replaced.

Program allows creating xy plots with data drawed according to track position or lap time.
At same time project can have any number of time and distance plots. This creates specific
problem when using track map or traction circle.
<attachment1> shows problem. Middle window show time plot right window distance plot.
Tracking line is placed in same window position on all plots. So setting line on ~710m point
shows speed of 100.1 km/h. But at the same window position tracking line shows speed 90.8 km.h
in 31s lap time. This show that 31s after lap start kart wasn't on 710m point. And this
is problem for Track Map. Now if you use time xy plot to see kart position on track map its
valid. But if you are using distance xy plot with Track Map it will show invalid marker
position. That's why track map have now option to switch to Distance marking type
<attachment2>. Now Track map show marker position at 710m point.
Additional option is "auto" that changes marker display according to which window is selected.
Same applies to traction circle.


When it looks fast it usually goes fast....


Wow, very good improvements :). First impression is perfect, I will test it at the weekend when driving on some tracks.
Thank you very much.