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June 24, 2024, 01:12:26 PM


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Hello, an update

Started by 3rd.Rail, April 30, 2022, 11:00:47 PM

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Since the last time I posted a thread here some much has occurred on earth.  I'm glad to see the program support is still around and I am healthy(thanks to sim racing) still to post.  The last few posts I recall posting were of kart painting and output devices for monitoring gauges. 

I have been working steadily at fabricating a display device that displays speed, rev, temp, ect.  It is my 2nd obsession after sim karting.  Now in 2022 this build is quite easily achievable.  Originally the speed output is leashed to 8 digit 7 segment led chip that was underdeveloped.  In 2022 the LED chip has some significant library developments but do to the claim that it is ideal for sim racing, this chip is shunned.  To be exact the best working library host site was just discovered this year and due my interest in a programmable andro watch dev I have not tested it.

In chasing down this build I encountered a full education in programming in c/c++ and other languages.  Thing is though, education and experience are to separate languages.  None the less I have a mock up code that can be applied to basically arduino-able mcu and output display. 

What I dont have is how to call or place the line or krp code statement in my code(or maybe I do but I am overlooking something).


Defined pins of display device

Function to open game file
? fgets()

Function to read desired dial/gauge
?while condition?

Function to convert metric to english
?for condition?

Function to send dial/gauge data to output pins of device.
?while condition?


The actual functions arent that have to conceive. 
but knowing what goes where would be a big help.

Applications are permutable as the code can apply to any display type/form.

I am looking to proto this b4 the end of the year.

I am very dis-organized right now, but if any interest shows on the board I'll post critical links in the future.