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Output Plugin not working

Started by spooky0815, December 10, 2019, 01:12:25 PM

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our SimFeedback Community provides the attached Plugin as Telemetry Provider. For some people, the plugin works fine, other people get no log-File from the plugin, and no working telemetry output.

- permission on the PC for the .dlo double-checked
- working directories without white spaces checked

We use the steam version.

Any ideas how to get this plugin running? There is no debug output for the plugins and no ingame menu for showing some information regarding active plugins.

Thanks for help and kind regards,



I have written the plugin. Am happy to provide the source if necessary.

In case someone tries the plugin: it should at least write some content into $TEMP\krp_log. It is about the first thing my code does, i.e. create that file. Users for who the plugin does not work don't get that file. So the plugin simply doesn't seem to get started.

Is there some log file of KRP that would show what might have gone wrong?