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Problem with Steam version. Standalone ver. works fine

Started by Yaytzash, July 30, 2019, 12:27:47 PM

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Hello everybody.

Need help. Like in the topic, standalone version/demo works perfect. Version downloaded from steam loads without problem to main menu, the custom cursor doesn't show and after clicking aplication closes and error message pops up "Program kart.exe stopped working" "program stopped working because of unknown problem" . Drivers fresh and clean. Steam install after cleaning the stand alone version, including My Documents folder, shortcuts and main folder.
PC: i7-3740QM ; 8GB RAM; Nvidia K2000M; Windows 7 pro
Also wrote an email to support but maybe i will find some answer here.

Please help :(


I tried everything (what i could think of of course) and still can't get it to work. For me it looks like the background Steam app is messing something but that is just my assumption. Is there any way possible to get the activation key for the standalone version ifi have bought the Steam version?  :'(


Hi Yaytzash,

Have you tried to verify integrity of game files (Steam-> Library->Kart Racing Pro-> Right-Click to activate menu->Properties->Local Files Tab ->Verify Integrity of Game Files button)?

Also a couple of obvious things - you must be logged in to Steam  and, if you are launching KRP by using a shortcut on your desktop, please make sure that the link's URL points to Steam (e.g. steam://rungameid/415600). If you run an antivirus on your system, please check that it doesn't block kart.exe.

As for returning to a standalone version, I guess the right way would be to get a refund from Steam providing you have spent less than 2 hours in the game and purchase the Standalone Kart Racing Pro License at http://kartracing-pro.com/?page=purchase