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Cadet steering problem

Started by Les, June 02, 2019, 03:16:27 PM

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Hi all,
Im new to real karting,havi g done much indoor stuff,I finally gave in and bought my son a honda cadet.

Its second hand but seems in pretty good order, couple of things I need help with!

When turning the steering wheel all the way to the limits of movement in each direction, one wheel will start to turn back just before the limit.(which wheel is dependent on which way you turn).
Im guessing it needs a stop of some sort to limit the movement?
Or possibly the geometry is wrong?

Second issue is the noise! Its a lot louder than the similar engined hire karts,  no problem in itself but would that cause an issue at the track?

We will probably spend a fair bit of time practicing for fun  before racing it...

Thanks in advance

Hugo Hernandez

When you turn the steering to the limit, the inside wheel will go back just a little bit , it happens on every kart and is done on purpose.

The noise thing, shouldnt be a problem with the track , i dont think kart tracks has a db limit or something like, anyways, the louder sound might be because the exhaust, take a look at it and check if it has any small fissure , or its just the fiber at the exhaust its shorter than it should be or its too old.
I dont really know much about honda cadets as here in Spain that engine doesnt exist but i hope i help you out


Thanks very much,

Next problem!! -
The front wheel track is set very wide, so I was having a play with the settings, I have very little thread projecting after the nut is on. If I tighten the nut any tighter, the wheel tightens up, is that all normal?

To reduce the front track, I take it I remove spacers from the axle, do I then put them on the outside of the wheel before replacing the nut?

Thanks in advance

Hugo Hernandez

If you want less front width, you have to put the spacers to the outside, if you remove them the wheel will be moving all the time = not good

To tight the nut , tight it properly, then loose it little bit, just enough you can roll the spacers a little bit, not too much tho, you dont want to see the tyre overtaking you down the straight :)


Thats great,
Thanks for the help