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Nothing visible in tracked/mapview

Started by Johner, July 09, 2018, 09:16:41 PM

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Hi guys

After a long time i started again to try building some tracks. I couldn't believe it: The newest version of fbx2edf is just working on my PC for the first time. ;D

But actually I've the next problem:
For testing I just created the track surface. I named it correctly with "TRKASPH" and added a bmp-texture.
Then I exportet as .fbx and converted it to a .trp-file and a .map-file.
But when I open these files with "tracked" or "mapview" there is absolutely nothing...!

What I've done wrong? Could it be a problem with the naming, textures ...?

Would be very happy for some helpful answers. I'm really motivated to creat some nice tracks and share them with you guys.

Birel-Rotax 42

A couple of things.

Make sure that the texture you use is a power of 2 (128x128, 256x256, 512x512, etc.)

Make sure that your track surface is located close to the origin of the 3d scene. (I've done this before, it's infuriating)

Make sure that the polygon faces are facing up (make sure the faces aren't flipped).

Try all those things, hopefully they solve your issue. If not, could you upload the .map and .trp files so someone can investigate them?


Thank you for your answer. That was very helpful. I had to use the texture in power of 2.

In "tracked" I still see nothing. But in "mapview" i see the track ... Unfortunately mirrored  :-\
Is this the problem you told about? (Polygon aren't facing up)
How could I fix this problem in 3ds Max?

Thank you once again

Birel-Rotax 42

Yes, that sounds like the polygons being flipped.

Start by selecting the track mesh and going to the polygon selection tool. Hit "ctrl-A" to select all polygons and then find the button that says "flip"


I found the button named FLIP.
When i activate my track mesh and push FLIP, the Poly looks a little bit different.
But when I export everything and open it with TRACKED or MAPVIEW nothing changes...

So i load up my FBX file. Maybe you could try to find out what the problem is...?
Thank you very much mate

Birel-Rotax 42

I'm pretty sure that you had the polygons facing the correct way before you flipped it.

As for not being able to see it, you have to center the track at the origin of the 3ds max scene in order to be able to see it when starting TrackEd.

You should consult the documentation on track creation, you seem to have made a couple major errors.


A few pointers:

You are using a lot of polygons on shape steps - most tracks use between 3 and 5 - you're using 15. As for the mesh, it looks well done. You've got a good start, keep going on it.