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Vid demo of how to install paints

Started by Harpz, June 26, 2018, 10:51:35 pm

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Could it be possible that those who are in the know could do a video showing how to install new paints.

I have downloaded PaintEd1.4 and the templates.  I opened the TK profile and did a full paint on the bodyworks.  I then used PaintEd to Pack the individual bodyworks.

I put it in the relevant directory but it does not work..... What is wrong?

I think a youtube vid we be of great help to all and may reduce the amount of questions too.


Birel-Rotax 42

This is pretty simple stuff. I'm also sure that there are at least 2 other paint tutorials. I'll throw mine in and hopefully this is the last we ever hear of a paint tutorial.

Start by putting every single texture in a folder together.

Open PaintEd and click Dir Read

Navigate to the folder where all the textures are

Acknowledge that every texture has been loaded into PaintEd

Name the paint so you can select it in game

Hit pack and save it to the correct bodywork folder