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Engine Damage Problem
« on: April 22, 2018, 03:26:49 AM »
Hi, PiBoSo.

In testing a new circuit, I've run into a problem with the engines. I've used the "physics debug mode" to keep track of engine damage and the results are puzzling. The engines were failing in a place on the track where there is a kerb that is used generously. I was having engine failures (where the engine would die and not restart) after about 5 laps of the circuit. After enabling the debug mode, it appears that the kerb is adding between 5 and 25% damage every single time the kerb is hit.

I would like to know what causes this to happen. Is it a g-force limit that is exceeded? Is a large bump (kerb) meant to severely damage an engine? I'd like to know for future engine development and for the sake of ensuring this track is derivable.


(Edit: I am unsure if this should go in the engines section or in the support section)
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