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F100 @Gent: Engine killed?

Started by cberinger, January 17, 2018, 08:28:03 PM

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Hi there,

When starting asession in Gent (long track) with an F100 (tried with CRG for example), my engine quits after finishing first lap shortly before turn 1 (after the long strait). The only thing I changed to the Kart setup was the carb from 7 downto 3.

Some more details: it is like if the engine gets stuck and locks the rear wheels, putting me into a spin. A push start is not possible anymore.

Glad for any help,


The engine is seizing because you leaned it out then ran it at a very high rpm, the engine breaks at 20,000 rpm so tune with that in mind


Hi Raise,

Thanks for the answer!
As I do not find any documentation for KRP, I'll check the setup section for some setup help as I have no real world experience.



I have been away from krp for some time, now with carb 3 I can overtake 20000 rpm and not damage the engine, also choke seems unuseful. is it now more easy or I am wrong?