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April 18, 2019, 04:37:31 pm


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Point of view setup

Started by Chosa, May 02, 2017, 12:09:52 pm

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Is it possible to shift the seat driver view forward & backward?
I found we can set the FOV & Pitch angle but I can't move the eyes of the driver like in other sim. so to view the wheel I have to set a too high FOV.

Thank You


At the moment it is not possible to move the driving view.
Maybe the eye point should follow the garage seat position setting.
However the movement is so small that it has a negligible effect on the point of view.
Allowing a separate setting for the eye position, with wider range, wouldn't be realistic.


Ok, however, setting a realisic point of view with only one monitor made impossible to know where are the front tires of the kart, or to see the wheel dash, maybe is good for VR but I haven't got one :), using a locked standard view like I do, constrinct to use a too high FOV value that make everything too little to feel to be in a real kart.

I hope in the future we can enjoy this feature, allow drivers who use single monitor to find the best compromise.

Thank You