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SKWC Broadcast - IAME X30 Senior Round 4 at Moran Raceway Park (NEW TRACK)

Started by Xander Clements, February 05, 2015, 10:01:22 PM

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Xander Clements


X30 Senior Round 4 at Moran Recap
Xander Clements February 1, 2015

As the X30 Challenge returns to the United States, the series comes back to the west coast at the late Moran Raceway Park in Beaumont, California. A former legendary track now revived in the sim has set the benchmark for what looks to be the longest race of the season, and also the most competitive.
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ALSO: Next season, the SKWC will be hosting an SKWC "Lites" Series, for rookies and new drivers looking to join the league, but not yet try to challenge Corrie Hiatt and Cory Hayes in the Pro division. Teams are already accepting members, so make sure to make an account on our forums and introduce yourself!
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