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optimun temp tires?

Started by oppolo, May 02, 2011, 06:19:09 PM

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Could you please give feedback about temperatures on the other karts, too?


Quote from: dibu on May 30, 2011, 03:55:00 PM
Just drove some laps in Lonato with my Essay setup.

KS1, soft, 20°, same setup for both tracks.

Here is the number of laps until I have no more grip (one rear tyre > 110°)
I also don't see much influence by changing the tyre pressure.

Lonato: 7 laps
Essay:  5 laps

I also tried the setup values, which Schwoni posted and the tyres overheated much faster.
The setup is so extreme, I can't drive it. It's something for real specialists :o.

;D another guy said the same to me my setup is too extreme for the tyres. After this i drove some laps with default setup and it was only 120 before 125 so not much difference for me :)
maybe my style is too hard


The tyre pressure must have a lot to do with the tyre temp.

For example 0,5 bar and 120 degrees are incompatible :) With low pressures, you barely warm your tyres and after 20 laps, you can easily touch them without burn yourself (50-60º ?)

One question, how do the wear affect to times or grip Piboso? Can we have more info about this? Thanks!


May 30, 2011, 06:49:21 PM #18 Last Edit: May 30, 2011, 06:51:19 PM by Schwoni
lol ok i have done the same test with kc3 same bar and same air temp.

after 33 laps it starts to became slippery in 40th lap undrivable but not because temp it is because no more rubber on tyres ^^

Later i test kc1 but how dibu says work this also fine so i think this problem is only with ks1 or i push it too much because there starts rear axle sometimes spinning
but i think after 5 or 7 laps 125 degrees is to much ;)


Woaw, interesting!!

You are doing a great work Piboso, keep this way :)


Quote from: Aritz on May 30, 2011, 06:22:58 PM
For example 0,5 bar and 120 degrees are incompatible :)
with pression of tyres and temperature there is maybe some strange, it changes not so much, tried 0.4 and 1.0 and there is not so much differences


120 º is clearly a bug, is impossible I think. They should blow up with this temp.

We all agree that tyre pressure is not working correctly, let's wait to the next physic patch :)


My testing:

I am not as fast as schwoni at all and didn't warm the tyres more than 100º, my setups are standard; not radical, not easy.

0,4 bar = Fast grip and too much temp soon. I think this is no right, it should be just the opposite; slow warming of the tyres and low grip until the temp (and pressure!) goes to normal values (lets say 0,8 bar and 60-70º)

1 bar = Ice at first and then perfect grip lap after lap. Again, it should be the opposite; first good grip and then fast decrease of the grip and very high wear. We use "high" pressures for qualifying, they are very short, and lower pressures for racing because they are 2 o 3 times longer than Q.

My opinion:

The perfect pressure has to be 0,7 - 0,8 with hot tyres (soft ones) and the temp never higher than 90º (here I can say so much, experts have to talk)


June 01, 2011, 08:21:06 PM #23 Last Edit: June 01, 2011, 08:22:38 PM by GhostriderPl
question is what times you drive when your tire temps are ok at 27 laps?

when you drive 44 sec at lonato then i unterstand this......but try few laps at 42 and your tires geht warm (very warm) ;-)
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understand........now i drive 42.6xx in lonato with Ks1 (but somethings wrong with the servers) and on every tack i have the same problems...at 5! Laps the temps on the left rear are over 100 degrees (100-125).....in my opinion its like i say...once more.....the grip on the rear is too low thats why you are drift and that put the temps in the extreme......but thats only my opinion...good grip=no drifting=temps ok.................less grip=drifting=higher temps

and like i say a kart has much grip....

Greetings GhostriderPL
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In real life i drive very round and thats good for the tires....but i drive also fast....in the game i have to drive slower because of tyre temps?  have to think about that.....i dont drive extreme style but the temps are extreme.....dont know how it is with the other classes because i drive only Ks1 (the other classes are to slow for me)  ;)
there must be a change on the grip level in my opinion
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