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Wheel Rotation Settings (currently far from ideal)

Started by iamme, December 15, 2014, 02:20:40 pm

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Atm, you can only get correct steering rotation if you have a wheel that matches up one of the preset values in the game.

The problem is, wheels like the Logitech Momo Racing have a steering lock of 240 degrees, which is not selectable.
The nearest is 270.
Even if you go through the wizard and make sure that you set it exactly right (75% of travel both left and right of 240 = 180) then it doesn't help.

The reason for this is that all that the wizard is doing is just choosing which of the presets is "nearest" to your wheel.

It would be good if you could set this yourself manually, rather than relying on these presets. It also seems very strange that 270 is one of the presets rather than 240, as i don't know any wheels that are 270 and yet quite a few are 240.

Anyway, an option to set this numerically and manually, by typing in an amount would be ideal.

2nd thing:

Also, for newer wheels like logitechs and fanatecs that support dynamic rotation adjustment in drivers, this would be the "best" way of setting the steering lock, as then you would get a "hard stop" by FFB at the end of steering travel, as opposed to now where it just lets you carry on steering while not turning the wheels anymore.

I know that you can just manually set the lock to 180 in the profilers for these wheels but it would be cool if the game could do this - since apis are available for it.

(Also, are all karts steering locks 180 degrees? I don't really have any karting experience so i'm not clued up on this).

The second suggestion is more convenience than anything, but the first one is quite major - almost a bug atm really.


from central to full right or left the wheel rotation on a real kart is 90 degrees roughly
so from right to left (vice versa) is 180 degrees