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Banned for no reason?

Started by TheKoreanWombat, August 21, 2014, 09:49:49 PM

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Hellow fellow krp members.

Me and HamletBandit joined a session just now called KRP Racing just to be banned for no reason after about 10 seconds of joining the server. I'm sorry but if LauzZzn and Marko Dakivc are going to be cry babys and eject who they wish with no reasoning they can but i would just like to warn members of this forum for the future. I am not expecting any further action but I just want to warn people that scums are out there.

Robin Mayer

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TheKoreanWombat has joined the session, Comment - 'LALA'. You have been ejected. LOGIC!?"?!?!?!

Marco Dakic

What i have do ?!? ... sorry TheKoreanWombat but, its our OWN Server, so we can do with that what we want ...
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How does you having your own server give you the right to ban people because they make one comment, and how does it give you permission to wreck me because "you don't like Praga." Its good to know that Piboso's 2 favorite modders think they can do whatever they want, since they work for him.


To make this clear:
Noboy crashed you because you were driving Praga.

I didnt ban them for no reason, I banned them for too much ping, it showed me above 300!

And no, there are no "Piboso's 2 favorite modders", and we don't work for him.

And to finish this, The owner of a server can eject whoever he wants without a reason, because its his server, you don't need any rights for that.

This forum is in particular questions or problems with KRP, not for saying.. this and this guy banned me from his server, this and this guy is making trouble online and stuff

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