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Reentering list of World servers: Connection Timeout

Started by Y, March 25, 2014, 01:15:01 pm

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When I open list of servers (button "World") first time, everything is ok. However, if I do it after exiting a race (for any reason), an attempt to press the sane "World" button results in Connection timeout message.

  • The problem is "healed" only after significant time and does not disappear even if I restart KRP SW.

  • The problem is not eventual, it happens every time.

  • The effect is the same if I exit the race via menu of if KRP SW is crushed.

  • Scenario of the typical SW crush is: Steering wheel (Logitech G27) rotates far right and sticks there with max force; the SW does not respond to anything (even to Ctl-Alt-Del). But such crashes do not happen too often

Does anyone has a similar problem? Is it curable?


A similar thing happens to me.
I try to connect, I get "connected" but the main racing screen does show up for several minutes.
I can cancel, but when I try to login again, it says my license is already in use.
I tried to login to BERE MOTORS btw.

Birel-Rotax 42