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July 08, 2020, 03:02:21 PM


Kart Racing Pro release11d available! :)

Rotax Max 125 Junior MAX

Started by Birel-Rotax 42, September 18, 2013, 03:22:11 AM

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Oh i lost the race time :O already in pre-final :(

James Beer

corrie how do you change the sounds again to the kf3? do you open up karts.pkz?

Birel-Rotax 42

ATTENTION The sounds do not work correctly in multiplayer!
In order to get correct sounds, extract your engines.pkz file. Next, open up the i_kf3 and copy the .wav sound files from the kf3 engine folder. Paste those files into the Rotax engine folder, and replace them all. This will get rid of the sounds, but will make multiplayer playable, as you will not have the sound glitch.

A Quick Overview of the Glitch:
When in a multiplayer session, the new sounds of the Rotax will be heard from anywhere on the track. It makes the multiplayer undrivable. In the future, I will work out the bug, and create sounds for the Senior, Mini, and Micro.

James Beer


Birel-Rotax 42

Engine 3d update. Still awaiting the ultimate awesome engine from MRO in the next months, but for now, this is what it is.


Quote from: Birel-Rotax 42 on November 16, 2013, 12:59:06 AM
Again, any comments are appreciated.

- tyres sets should be limited at 2
- max rpm engage clutch should be 4000

- these should be sprockets

- you are using the KF3 chassis, why you use FL250 tyres?

- you are using old rows for cooling in the cfg file, are you having some sort of issues?

Birel-Rotax 42

FS250 tires are to simulate Mojo D1 tires, which are much less sticky than the D2's. The D2 tires will be put on the Senior, and will run as the KF3 tires, as they have more grip. I have just fixed the gears, so the drive gears are 11, 12, and 13 tooth. Axle gears are 70 up to 84.
Also, radiator cover up to 95%, as real Rotax radiators are usually covered up to 70%. Engine heat mechanics will also be updated along with the engine model with the new radiator.


Birel-Rotax 42

Changelog for next release:
-Heating of engine changed
-Radiator cover to 95%
-New engine model
-Slight torque curve adjustment
-Clutch engages at 4000 RPM
-14 tooth sprocket removed

A question to everybody:
Is this new exhaust pipe a bit better?


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The exhaust looks alot better now

Birel-Rotax 42

As of now, I do not know how to fix the bug, aside from using the KF3 sounds. If anybody knows how to fix it for multiplayer, please post about it.

James Beer

Corrie can you please add larger rear sprockets 84+ ?

Birel-Rotax 42

You can always run a smaller driver gear. I will add it in the next release if there are more needs for it.

James Beer

Ok :) I was just asking as at rye house the norm is 12 86-88 irl and in game it only goes to 84