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.zip files!

Started by James Beer, July 24, 2012, 01:59:39 PM

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James Beer

i have downloaded lots of tracks that are pkz files and they work perfectly but i am having trouble with RAR. and Zip files. i have windows 7 just to let you know. im not sure how to extract the zip and stuff like that the pkz files are fine. its just annoying that i cant have all the tracks because of this. i use the kart racing pro download data base  http://kart.marianley.de/downloads.php?cat_id=1&orderby=download_datestamp&sort=DESC  i can use all the tracks on the bottom part of the page but not the top.

help would be very helpful

please comment below

Intrepid Junior Max


if it is a zip you should be able to open with windows then copy the contents into the tracks folder
if it is rar or 7zip or soemthing else you will need 7zip application you can then right click the file and extract the contents. n the folder of your choosing
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