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Racing Dreamz mini UTV/Sprint Kart complex

Started by RacingDreamz, June 17, 2012, 08:44:04 PM

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Here is a better image of the 95 acre property that Racing Dreamz is raising funds to purchase. 
The property will house the Racing Dreamz non profit organization complex.  From the corporate office, simulated racing facility to the William Ross Off Road Program and the Todd Murray Sprint Kart Program. 
The off road track will consist of 45+ acres of mini UTV/buggy rally type trails and short course tracks.   Longest course will be over 2 miles and shortest will be 1/2 mile. 
The asphalt paved sprint track will be 1 mile in length that can be diverted to 2 smaller tracks on 30 acres.
The Corporate office will house the Simulated Race training facility and will also have elevated platforms for official viewing areas.  Along with this, the Performance Physixx physical fitness and mental focusing training room will be incorporated also. 
There will be 15 acres for parking, picnic area and restroom/showers facilities.
To help sustain the funding of this facility, a 3 acre agricultural area will be developed to grow blueberrys and blackberrys.  The sales from the harvest of these two crops will sustain the yearly upkeep, maintenance and utility funding of the karting facility.
The orange shaded area will be the off road section, white the sprint kart section, yellow, parking, pit, paddock, restrooms and the blue/black the agricultural area.  Red the office and official viewing areas.  There are 3 entrances and an access road will be developed to interconnect all three. 
This property is for sale at this price(we need only $75,000) for a very limited time only.  It is a foreclosed property and the bank is holding it at this price for Racing Dreamz.  However, if we do not raise the funding in a short amount of time(a few months), it will not be available to us again.  And with the rising cost of land at todays prices, this opportunity will not come again.  So, if you can help in any way, contribute even just a little, your contribution is tax exempt and will go for this wonderful cause.  A special bank savings account has been established for holding of the funds for this property.  You can contact the Northeast Community Credit Union in Elizabethton, Tn. to transfer funds to Racing Dreamz for this property, go to the Racing Dreamz website, www.racingdreamz.org/Donate, to donate via PayPal or send a check to us, addressed to Racing Dreamz, at: 115 Tester Rd., Elizabethton, Tn. 37643.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated. 
Please help us, help the special needs children in this tri state Appalachian region to live their dream of being a part of motorsports.  There is no feeling like giving a smile to a child who needs your help.
Ben Jones
Founder, Racing Dreamz