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May 31, 2020, 08:25:53 am


Kart Racing Pro release11c available! :)


Started by VELOCE, March 08, 2012, 10:24:58 pm

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I have not used Kart racing pro before and new to SIMs.

I need an initial track created ASAP with at least five more tracks this season.

Are there any developers out there with skills interested in taking on some work ?

I can collate as much material as required ONCE I KNOW WHAT IS NEEDED...


Track photoshoot :
I can take provide a comprehensive package of each track including every single object external to the track and complete virtual tour walking round the track with whatever focal lengths required from fish eye to 300MM telefoto.

Video :
Onboard video with GoPro in HD
Onboard video with AIM Smartycam (built in GPS)
Any other video

GPS Data :
Captured with AIM Mycron GPS unit

I need one track done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.....for that I am willing to pay good $$$



What is the track, And when has it  got to be done by.


I would prefer at this stage to not name the tracks required.

They would NOT be made public / registered / available on any forum as I am not prepared to help the competition in their training !!!!

What I need a heads up on is WHAT DATA can I capture which will be helpful / necessary in building the track ?

I am going to the first one possibly this weekend and can do a full photo/video shoot including onboard.


When has it got to be done by ?

Last week would be just fine ;-)