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September 22, 2020, 09:08:35 PM


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[KRP France] European Community ands leagues

Started by Fr33z3 X, February 07, 2012, 10:26:46 PM

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Fr33z3 X

Hi everybody !

I announce European Community KRP :

Website KRP France presents :

  • discussions group
  • Presentation Kart Racing Pro
  • KRP tutorials
  • Helmets paintshop
  • Skins paintshop
  • Leagues and championship's !
  • and more ...

First competition start at 13 Fabruary 2012
Euro KS1 Gentleman start as soon

Français, Européens ou autres, venez nombreux !
Frenchs, europeans or more nationalities, com all !


IA players on KRP ?? A best simulation !!



I tried to get registered on KRP France but I have not succeeded.
Each time I fill in the registration form, I've got the following error : Vous devez compléter les champs obligatoires.

All of the fields have been filled with something but i does not work. May be there are some requested values (Numbers, text...) but I did not figure out how to have a correct filled form.

Please can you help me ?
Thanks a lot.