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Kart Racing Pro release10b available! :)

KI Opponents

Started by Marco Dakic, December 12, 2010, 12:15:43 pm

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Marco Dakic


Is it possible to 1.0 Version to add KI on this game ?? maybe it will be great if you can drive vs. the WSk and other championships.

Greetings Marco
3D Modeling :D


Why do you need AI when there is an online mode?  ???

Marco Dakic

maybe there 0 Players online ?!?!?
3D Modeling :D

T.J. Koyen

Yeah I haven't seen a joinable game for me yet. All of them have terrible connection, presumably because they were from another country.
Team MerlinUSA Factory Driver

Shawn Campbell

The issue isn't which country the server is in, but rather the total bandwith which the server is capable of serving.  A dedicated server with a T-3 connection in Europe will perform fine for us folks in the United States.  Most people have been hosting games on their own personal computers which use connections much slower than a proper dedicated server would use.  Hence, everyone experiences massive lags, timeouts, high pings, ect all the bad stuff that causes terrible gameplay.  The bottom line is you need a dedicated server with a fast internet connection.


Would someone please post a good tutorial on how to set up a dedicated server for this sim?....im more of a painter/moddler/skinner kind of guy....... but would be willing to get the necessary hardware to get a dedicated server going.

Would it be something that could be ran off of a normal "dedicated" computer or something....i have a couple decent computers sitting around doing nothing in my print shop.....

when i see decent ping rates the online is just barely "race-able"....it would be nice to have a pack of 15 karts to dice it up with....the online "experience" is the backbone of a sucessfull sim... i think this would help greatly.