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The Smart things was a good Karting Game need at the beginning

Started by Marco Dakic, December 12, 2010, 12:14:22 pm

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Marco Dakic

Firstly this game is a great basic for all other things was will be comiing in future like on tracks but there is a little bit what i dont like so much^^

It should be other if you choose the kart.

You press on Kart Button,
then you can choose - KC1, KC3, KS1 if its possible in future maybe Rotax, Rotax Jun, Rotax DD2, ICA 100, Ica Jun, 4 thumps maybe much more i dont know what will bring the future.

And if you choose the class the game ask about the brand and chassie.
birel with Freeline body, Tony Kart with the TK body, CRG with new age this will be awesome, then when its possible to give them Karts other Physics but its not so important at the first.

After you have choosen your Kart the game ask you for overall, you can choose if you drive birel the birel overall or maybe you will drive with a Sparco overall without chassie brand adverting or other overalls.

Then the last step is choose your Helmet, choose your own, or you can choose a lot of fantasy helmet, if Piboso want a lot of fantasy helmets i can do some from rFactor ^^.

And then you can goooooooo and drive XP
3D Modeling :D