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Topics - Birel-Rotax 42

Suggestions and wishlist / Birel Bodywork Issue
July 15, 2018, 04:49:28 PM
Good work with KRP V6! I came across an error with the Birel bodywork.

When using the first person view, the Birel "Evo" pods don't show up. From 3rd person, all is fine, as well as replays, but first person doesn't seem to have sidepods.

All other chassis do have the sidepods show up in first person, so I believe there is an issue with the Birel "evo" pods.


Looking through the bodyworks files, I figured out what the problem is. Under gfx.cfg in the "fl_evo" folder, the cockpit model is named "c_fl_evo.edf" Unfortunately, that file doesn't exist - the one that comes with the installer is "c_evo.edf"

By either renaming the file to "c_fl_evo.edf" or changing the cockpit model in the gfx.cfg to "c_evo.edf" I was able to solve the problem. The reason I bring this up is because I'm unsure if this will cause a data mismatch online. Is there any way to update the installer of KRP V6 to have this fix included?

Thanks, PiBoSo - really appreciate your work.

Hi all, after a couple tests of 3d kerbs, I've found a way to have beautiful outside kerbs that are also functional.

The method involves 3ds Max's path deform modifier, which you use to deform your kerb to a spline on the edge of the track. When you model your 3d kerb, also model a plane that has about as many length vertices. This makes sure that the surfaces are a match for each other when using the path deform modifer. It should look something like this:

You will use path deform and then collapse the modifier to leave you with just an editable poly. From there, I recommend shifting the plane down by 0.0025m, as seen in the picture:

This is a good balance between usable runoff and realistic handling on kerbs.

Name both objects "TRKKERB"

When exporting, export the .trp file with both the kerb and plane present. When exporting the .map file, export only with the 3d kerb, without the plane on top.

For 3d inside kerbs, it is probably best to make the plane lay above the 3d modeled surface to avoid the kart's chassis catching on the 3d geometry. It should look something like this:

Let me know if this helps or if you have any questions!
Support / Engine Damage Problem
April 22, 2018, 05:26:49 AM
Hi, PiBoSo.

In testing a new circuit, I've run into a problem with the engines. I've used the "physics debug mode" to keep track of engine damage and the results are puzzling. The engines were failing in a place on the track where there is a kerb that is used generously. I was having engine failures (where the engine would die and not restart) after about 5 laps of the circuit. After enabling the debug mode, it appears that the kerb is adding between 5 and 25% damage every single time the kerb is hit.

I would like to know what causes this to happen. Is it a g-force limit that is exceeded? Is a large bump (kerb) meant to severely damage an engine? I'd like to know for future engine development and for the sake of ensuring this track is derivable.


(Edit: I am unsure if this should go in the engines section or in the support section)
Other Addons / Radiator Curtain Paint Template
August 21, 2017, 12:53:53 AM
We've discovered the ability to paint the radiator curtain on the karts which have them. It is the same procedure as adding a bodywork paint.

First, create your paint and save it as RADIATOR_CURTAIN.tga and save it to the folder which all of your paint's files are located. Then, use PaintEd to package your new paint as normal.

Some pretty cool things can be achieved with this!

I encourage people to visit the SKM Forum and create accounts as we have new content and downloads, as well as a team of dedicated modders. We'll have exclusive content coming soon, and we're open to do jobs if there is a demand for it!

Download it from the SKM website!
Paints / 2016/2017 Ricciardo Kart
August 18, 2017, 03:13:59 PM
Hi, guys! I'm back with the 2016/2017 Ricciardo Kart package. I made a couple of mistakes on the BirelART so hopefully this goes a little smoother  :P

There are three versions that will be available. The first is the factory kit from 2015/2016, the next is the original kit from the 2017 kart and the final one is from the 2017 factory karts.

No suit is currently available so when I finish it, I'll upload it.

Download it from the SKM website!
Documentation / core.ini - RenderToTexture
August 16, 2017, 04:05:37 AM
Hi, PiBoSo. Could you explain what the [HACKS] section of core.ini does? I am specifically looking at the "NoRenderToTexture" line, but things like "NoPBuffer" and others in that section havent been explained (as far as I know) and I'd like to know if there is any use for them in developing for KRP. Thank you, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the forum, I'm not sure what topic this should go in.
Paints / 2017 BirelART
August 15, 2017, 04:42:20 AM
Hi! With the introduction of separate bodywork templates in the last build of Kart Racing Pro, many of my previously created paints (of which many were unreleased) are now unable to be used. I'm actively working to update my paints to have them work in Kart Racing Pro. Here is the 2017 BirelART kit. I will include both the a standard and factory version of the sticker kit.

Edit 8/15/2017 - Some factory kits have an All Road Management logo. I've updated and uploaded a new kit with the logo added. Both variations will be available.

Edit 8/16/2017 - Added gold wheels and black components to download list

Edit 8/17/2017 - Added BirelART suit to download list

The KG 505 Bumper uses the file format from the Bodyworks Pack by Max Tadd. Install BOTH files into your bodyworks\paints\fl_2015 folder - The factory file includes a texture for both the 505 and FP7 noses.

There is also an FP7 version of the factory kit. If there is anything incorrect about my work, please inform me. I don't  allow others to redistribute my content without first contacting me and receiving approval.

Download it from the SKM website!
Track Editing / New Track. Names? Suggestions?
July 31, 2016, 08:21:26 PM
Check out this thread! http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=3559.msg61794#msg61794

These photos are an update on it all. It's progressed much more than the photos show - they are just elevation profiles (250% z-axis scale) and to show the main pit building.

The main pit building/garages

Elevation profile of car/bike track

Elevation profile of kart track

More updates to come.
Hi, everyone. This is quite a difficult situation to explain but in simplest terms, I am making paints and the steering wheels have chrome/reflection+specular+normal mappings that aren't the same as the real counterparts. Luckily, I have talked to PiBoSo about using the Reflection maps for paints. However, I don't know how to do normal mappings. I understand that on all the templates, PiBoSo has included the layer sets for specular, normal, and reflection for when you save into .tga format. Even though specular and reflection modifications are working fine using the alpha channels, the normal mapping has been a dead-end for me because I don't know how to use it. PiBoSo, if you could explain how the normal map works with PaintEd, and maybe even show an example, I would really appreciate it. Currently on the steering wheels, the reflection and specular is worked out, but the normal map (I would assume) causes the texture on the wheel to seem as if it has a bump where the textures used to meet. I will provide pictures tomorrow when I get the chance. If anyone else knows, please help me, otherwise, PiBoSo, please help. Thanks!
Support / "Auto" Camera Option
February 02, 2015, 06:16:43 PM
On my new track, I am trying to include fully functional cameras. Unfortunately, I can't understand the function (and I can't get it to work) of the auto camera, and I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Also unfortunately, I have messaged a couple of people about this and have either have asked a question they don't know the answer to, or haven't gotten a response. I have also messaged PiBoSo, but no response there, either. What is it, how do you use it, and what is necessary to have the auto camera work?

If anyone has any information, please tell us what you know, a few others don't understand it either and want help as well. Thanks!
X30 Senior Round 1 at Sonoma Recap

Xander Clements December 14, 2014

       Almost a month after the conclusion of the 2014 KF Junior season, the Sim Karting World Championship returned to action in
North America at the SimRaceway Karting Center in Sonoma, California. This track played host to the 2014 Rotax Junior season finale back in the third season of SKWC, with Sonoma local Michael Avansino (Praga) coming away with his first career SKWC victory. He would have a much harder time to repeat than with his original win, as twenty two competitors showed up for the event, each gunning for the top spot.

Click here to see full article and to sign up for the series. Next round will be at GoPro Motorplex (Mooresville, NC) on February 21st
X30 Senior Round 2 at Dallas Recap

Xander Clements December 21, 2014

       After an intense round of racing in the compact karting circuit at Sonoma Raceway, the Sim Karting World Championship IAME X30 Senior 2014 Championship headed to the Dallas Karting Complex, making its way eastward in the United States. DKC is no stranger to SKWC racing, as it played host to the season opener event for the 2014 Rotax Junior World Championship in June. Corrie Hiatt (Comp Kart) took the win there, at the time still aboard his Birel chassis for Birel Motorsport, his former team. Now with Birel Motorsport disbanded for the X30 World Series, Hiatt intends to take home the gold aboard a different colored chassis.

Click here to see full article and to sign up for the series. Next round will be at GoPro Motorplex (Mooresville, NC) on February 21st
X30 Senior Round 3 at Sepang Recap

Xander Clements January 18, 2015

      As the Sim Karting World Championship IAME X30 Challenge checks past the halfway point in its 2015 season, it enters the new year on a different continent. In fact, it starts the new year on the opposite side of the globe in Malaysia, at the Sepang International Kart Circuit. At a world-renowned racing facility, all drivers on the roster were looking to punch their name as the next winner in the season, and to be the first driver to knock J3 Competition off of their winning streak. After capturing two back-to-back victories at the start of the season, it appeared that 2015 would become the year of the Comp Kart. However, with some added pressure and a brand new build that wiped all setup databases clean, a fresh slate has given new life to the Constructor's Cup battle.

Click here to see full article and to sign up for the series. Next round will be at GoPro Motorplex (Mooresville, NC) on February 21st
X30 Senior Round 4 at Moran Recap

Xander Clements January 18, 2015

      Returning to the United States, the Sim Karting World Championship IAME X30 Senior Challenge headed to Beaumont, California, to a lost-but-now-revived track by the name of Moran Raceway Park. Moran held countless national and international level events in the early 2000s, but the property being sold without the consent of the track owners who were leasing it caused it to fall to ruin. With some hard work over the past few weeks, the SKWC was able to bring this track back to life on the sim and utilize for the penultimate round of the 2015 X30 Senior Championship.

Click here to see full article and to sign up for the series. Next round will be at GoPro Motorplex (Mooresville, NC) on February 21st

Sign up on the SKWC Forums to recieve updates and information about the most competitive Kart Racing Pro series, and for exclusive content that is otherwise unavailable to the public!
Paints / Some WIP's
January 17, 2015, 01:08:34 AM

Paints / Paint Tutorial For Dummies
January 08, 2015, 04:49:24 AM
Since EVO left and removed all his links, I did a video tutorial for painting skins in Photoshop. It's 4 videos because Action! doesn't upload in time segments over 20 minutes (It's an hour long)
Bug reports / Stats bug
January 02, 2015, 04:33:58 PM
Stats page bug: Races on Zuera register on the stats page as "Zuera Short". Not a huge deal.
Paints / BirelART 2015 WIP
November 13, 2014, 03:33:32 AM

Off-Topic / Multi-GPU (Specifically Nvidia)
October 24, 2014, 03:05:08 PM
Hey guys, I'm buying a new graphics card, (upgrading from crossfire 7870's) and I'm wondering if multi-gpu has been tested on Nvidia cards. I know that ATI/AMD crossfire works, but my question is: do any of you guys own/have owned Nvidia cards in SLI and what was your experience with KRP running on it? Just a bit of info, the reason I am upgrading is because 30fps on triple screens is a bit difficult to drive.

Tracks / Ferrari Circuit Release 1.0 (Beta 2.194)
October 19, 2014, 12:41:44 AM
So this is another SketchUp track. It's a bit short, but racing doesn't suffer, as a kart's setup must be balanced in order to cope with the flowing final sector, as well as long straights and tight hairpins. This is my first track using bump, specular, and reflection maps, so if there are issues that some of you have with the textures, just know it is a result of these being experimental. The track comes with 5 layouts as of now, with 5 reverse layouts very much possible, as well as slight other modifications that offer exciting and interesting racing. It's about 54 hours in the making, with the majority of the layout being customized from SketchUp (taken from the original layout and heavily modified). These changes were facilitated by DrKarter97, as well as through 3ds Max, which I used to texture, model, and modify the circuit. Any feedback is greatly appreciated on the circuit, and suggestions for extensions/other add-ons to the track are also suggested.

I know you people never look at screenshots, but here are some anyway:

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?44cgyivcstlzs8v

And for those of you who have read through this whole thing, thank you, as it's important for the community to have some awareness. On that note, I have to admit that putting this track out for download is a bit worrying. I have seen what has happened to the KRP Forum over the last two and a half years, and it's becoming detrimental to the community. To the new members: Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and joining the forum! It is imperative that anybody who is new to this forum understands that there is a reason to everything that happens on the forum. Please search for topics; before starting a new topic, please just search it. It saves everybody time, and it prevents members from losing their $h*t because you haven't done something correctly. Same applies for requesting something multiple times. If you post in one topic about a certain thing, don't go around and post in a separate topic/start a new topic about the same thing. It clutters and spams the forum. With that in mind, I'm on the fence as to whether I am going to keep doing this. My future is uncertain because of the hostile and rather immature attitude that has arisen through the modding community and also through the influx of new members who have no idea what they are doing. With that said, I'm still going to give feedback to PiBoSo as to improvements to the game. Heck, maybe I'll continue modding for myself, but that is 100% dependent on whether people can wake up and see that this community is falling apart. We should be a family. Have any of you people seen the RaceDepartment forums? It's a mess. Let's not become RaceDepartment, as it's terrible that some modders think that because they make tracks makes them better. On the same note, newbies to the forum really need to see that their actions have implications that far outreach what they see; so if any of this (or none) applies to you, please remember before you start a shitstorm: there are consequences to your actions. With that said, if another argument arises out of a new member doing something they shouldn't be doing (ie. not posting in the correct sub-forum, asking repetitive questions, requesting the same thing in multiple questions, etc.) I will have to regretfully leave this forum. As stated before, the intention isn't to screw people over, but the anger and hostility on here is outrageous. Thanks for reading my rant, here is a cookie: