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June 17, 2021, 08:01:27 AM


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Is there any dirt oval tracks?

Started by Altrox, November 05, 2020, 10:23:06 PM

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I've been ripping my hair out looking for a dirt oval track, and developed a migraine from trying to gather/learn the tools to make one. The closest I've found to it is the Velodrome track, but it's just asphalt from what I've heard. What I'm looking for is a track more along the lines of the Stuart Iowa speedway, because a friend of mine who is totally computer illiterate wants to let his daughter practice at home. I don't own the game or many of the tools to make the track myself, plus I never made a track in my life, the most I ever did was make a crappy house mod for the elderscrolls: Morrowind and that was all one program. Please help....(Accidentally posted this in track editing, so I moved it here)


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I've PM'd a reply to your message. And save your hair, mate, you might still need it :)