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Steam KRP does not start, click on play, wait 5 sec and disappears

Started by Berni-Wan, October 21, 2020, 12:31:12 AM

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Its a clean install & verify Integrit of files, too downloading and installing OpenAL, copy the ini files of a friend, dont have antivirus (only defender Win 10 64 bits)

video of launch game, 4 or 5 seconds and gone


all others sim works fine (iRacing, EuroTruck 2, Dirt Rally, F1 2020)


same thing happening to me..
decided to buy the game yesterday (after playing the demo for a long time with no problems) and it doesn't work exactly like that.

i also have mxbikes that works perfectly..

all my drivers and windows are up to date, i manually installed openal and i also have windows defender for win10 64bit (and looks like i have disabled the steam folder from the antivirus check)

i tried with a steam fresh install but nothing.

the process appear in the task manager for a second then disappear.

p.s. i just downloaded the gpbikes demo and it works no problem, while the krp demo doesn't work as the full game on steam..


Quote from: Berni-Wan on October 21, 2020, 12:31:12 AMcopy the ini files of a friend

.INI files contain vital info specific to your player profile and your PC. Simply replacing them with the files taken from a different machine is generally not a good idea. Have you tried launching the game with default .INI files? Try to rename or delete Kart Racing Pro folder located in 'Documents' -> 'PiBoSo' and see if it helps.


yes, yes, remplace the INI was the tenth try when I didn't know what else to try...


so far the only progress i did was to download an earlier version (release 11) from one of the mirrors here on the forum and got it working, but of course having purchased it from steam the downloaded version asks for a key that i don't have, so i can only try it as a demo..but at least it works..so there's something wrong in the rel11f exe file, since both the steam and downloaded versions doesn't work.

here's the link so you don't have to look around

give it a try and maybe it works..i've been on this with Pib for the whole day yesterday and we couldn't figure out how to make it work..


Go back to a earlier version its nota an option valid. I bought this simu to play online with my friends


that's it?
nothing else to do, ready, the simulator does not work, bye.
Incredible lack of support


Berni-Wan, please bear in mind that this is a community forum, not a dedicated customer support service. We can only help with what we know from our experience. Try to contact PiBoSo (the KRP developer) about this issue, you can either PM him or email to support@kartracing-pro.com


I tried to help giving you an options to see if it works and you answered no way.
The problem it's not the lack of support


yes giopanda, thakns, but going back is not an option because I only use KRP to play online whit friends.
My complaints do not go to you, or to the community
send mail to support@kartracing-pro.com thks lxs77



i had the same problem. For me this solution worked:

1. uninstall openal
2. reboot pc
3. install openal
4. reboot pc
5. start kart racing pro

It's imporant to uninstall openal befor you install it again.



Work, Format PC, install OpenAl firts, then KRP, now working
thanks everybody


Quote from: Berni-Wan on November 09, 2020, 10:54:03 PMWork, Format PC, install OpenAl firts, then KRP, now working
thanks everybody

Hi all,
this is the only solution ??
Have got same problem ...
Install Kart Racing Pro release11 works fine....but all version after doesn't work...nothing in task manager.
I've try with Steam install, because I've got KRP licence, but same as Berni-Wan, click on play, wait 5 sec and disappears...nothing in task manager.
Try to uninstall openal, uninstall krp, reboot, install openal, reboot, install krp.... same problem.
All others softwares work fine on my PC, all other steam game work fine, graphic drivers updated...
I've got a lot of programs so I don't want to format my PC just because a update software doesn't work...I play only with release11 's not a solution because can't play online with friends :(

Please, anyone have a solution ?


Hi, just found a thread from about 2 years ago: https://steamcommunity.com/app/415600/discussions/0/1692659769949093223/

No idea if the workaround still works, but might be worth a try. Install a Steam version of KRP, go to ..\SteamApps\common\Kart Racing Pro\ folder and rename or delete core.ini file, then try to launch the game.

Also, make sure that your antivirus doesn't block kart.exe, the game's main executable file. For instance, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is known to give a false positive when a standalone krp-rel11f installer is running.