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Replay issue

Started by Overdue, August 23, 2020, 08:16:33 PM

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I am having a strange situation. I have two computers. One I use only for gaming. The other is used daily for everything. I have KRP installed on both, and both show that they are on release 11F.

When I have a replay that I want to upload to Youtube I send the replay file from the gaming computer using gmail. I then open the email on my "daily use" computer, download the file to my KRP/replays file, then run the file and record it using GEForce Experience. I then use GEForce to upload the recording to Youtube. I don't want GEForce on my gaming computer because it is very buggy.

Yesterday I ran a test session on the gaming computer and then sent the replay file to my "daily use" computer via gmail. I opened the email, downloaded the file. But the game doesn't "see" the file? There are other files on the "daily use" computer, and the game sees them and plays them with no problem. But when I click on "Replay" in the game list it only shows the previous files, not the ones I loaded yesterday?

The only difference in the files is that the files that show were created in a racing session, and the file that is not showing was created in a test session.

Any advice appreciated.
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Hi Overdue, you're saying you can see previous Replay files on your "daily use" PC, but, according to PiBoSo, 11f is incompatible with previous Replay versions (i.e. any Replays saved before 18th August are no longer readble). How do you make sure you're running 11f on your "daily use" PC?


Is the track used by the replay installed on the second PC?


PiBoSo has identified the issue. I didn't realize that all the other files (which were created after the release of 11f) were of "standard" tracks, that come with KRP. The file did not show up on my "daily use" PC because I did not have the track loaded on this computer.

Sorry for the confusion. "Couldn't see the forest for the trees"?  ::)
To Each Their Own


Most importantly - it's working for you now!  :)