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April 20, 2021, 03:37:48 AM


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puddles and second uvmaps with blender

Started by giopanda, January 04, 2020, 03:19:27 PM

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hello guys!
it's my first post here, but i'm a long time modder in mx bikes.
i'm here to ask for some help since you guys are the most experienced with piboso's game engine and all the things related.

so i'm creating a supermoto track for mxbikes (that i can also release for krp if you guys are interested) that is Ottobiano.

so my problem is that almost every tutorial here is so outdated i can't access any picture or video anymore, and most of all they're all referring to 3ds max.

what i'm stuck with is how to export the second uvmap to make the puddles work.
i think i did everything right in blender, created a second uvmap and linked the puddles tga file (white rgb channels with a black and white checkered texture in the alpha channel just to see if it works) to the specular input of the principled bsdf shader, added a attribute node to link the puddles to the second uvmap and everything is ok.

but then in game i have all the same specular all over the track..

does anybody have an idea on how to solve it?



Unfortunately the Blender FBX exporter doesn't correctly pairs the UV channels to the textures, so a little extra step is needed.

The UV channel name must be included in ( or be the same of ) the matching texture filename.
For example, "puddles" for the texture "asphalt_puddles.tga".


Thanks Piboso.. Damn I was so close I named it uvmap_puddles

I'll give it a try later on when I'm back home


aaand it doesn't work.

i think i tried every single combination of setting both in blender's fbx export, blender cycles nodes, fbx2edf settings and texture/uvmaps naming.

still the same results, the whole track has the same reflections.

here are what i think are the most logic settings in blender..but of course i am missing something..