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January 15, 2021, 04:37:39 PM


Kart Racing Pro release12 available! :)


Started by LucasGaly, December 27, 2019, 12:44:57 PM

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hello everyone i creat a tracks to layrac in france and exported it's okay and in game windows it's black !


Makes sure everything is named correctly, if that doesn't work remove the lyt file


I had re create the circuit from Bobs Track Builder in suite I imported into 3dsimed for the .CAD. once it's done I import on 3dsmax I attach grass, track, wall, etc ... then I export in .fbx I put in .EDF, .MAP, .TRP. I imported the .trp on tracked I made the stands, the track line the race control then I saved everything .tl, .trp, .tcl, not cfg and I launched the games the circuit I see I click and after its charge and it crashes.

I already watched the tutorial of lauzzzn but it does not work for my case


Did you merge the track center line to the track in TrackEd


i Don't know because i create the centerline race control and save

(sorry i'm french)


Open TrackEd
Load your track .trp
Open your center line, merge it
Save your track .trp

test it in game and see if its fixed.


okay and for the file ? i take the tracks of lonato in tracks.pkz in rar
i delete the file bestline trp , map and edf i put the file that i had créate in and i renamed all fils


like problem . I start on my track and in rear plan it's black and i good doind with TrackED