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Looking for someone to build a track for personal use.

Started by AirGar99, December 24, 2019, 02:41:55 AM

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I am willing to pay for someone to build a track for our use.
It will be private until after 6/2020.
I can provide a cad drawing of the track layout, a google earth location, and the schriber plastic barriers we need to show.
Need for "pretesting" before the track is built so track limits, surface (asphalt) and barriers are most important. Making the track "pretty" beyond visual basics are not necessary.

Needed pretty soon.... Any interested parties.  PM me and I'll send the info for your review.


Aloha all,

Someone was nice enough to make the track for me and I'd like to compensate them... If you did a track for me contact me with the name of the file you sent me and I'll send you some money.

Not sure why but the messages in this thread have all been deleted so I cannot get back to teh track creator.

Mahalo Gary