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December 03, 2023, 05:19:38 AM


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Training program for drivers

Started by Bloodycut, October 27, 2019, 12:48:51 AM

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How about such a suggestion for KRP drivers which prepare for competitions or better skills which include prize system or skill rating. This is hard to explain but I think this kind encouraging driver perhaps in real driving too. I think KRP could work drivers' mental manager not only a game which gives tracks to drive endlessly.


Kart Racing Pro does have a " skill rating system "

To obtain a rating at least 2 players have to finish a " Final " race.

I and think you have to race a certain amount of races to get given a rating.


Racing is good way to develop skills but I still think about more than that. This game has excellent physics to develop awesome drivers. That's why I'm think about online courses for skills. This's awesome simulator, education and developing tool. My experience in KRP is only 10 hours at a moment but I hace played karting  games since 90's. This is first good one simulator which I have played ever. KRP has lots of horsepower to develop more. More servers to drivers.


How about Challenges option extra? Is it possible to add karting driving licence for beginner, intermediate and pro drivers? This means all kind of missions for drivers. Licence would be volunteer but if some servers online races want safety, it could be mandatory.

Btw karting driving licence is used in my country for beginner drivers. It introducing drivers for safety etc.


D Grade - 800-1199
C Grade - 1200 - 1599
B Grade - 1600 - 1999
A Grade - 2000+

Is already the system implemented in KRP and the servers can be restricted to those license types only.

I don't see the point in adding in any other system/fixing the current one while the game isn't as popular as it once was.
+ The current one isn't even broken, it just requires 10 or so races to get given a driver rating.


the license system is a nice feature to have but it's not one that gets used because all the leagues use test day instead of actual races so they don't contribute to ratings as well as there is about 35 people who actively race online in krp. To segregate them serves no purpose in practice. Also irl every series has a license system but when the vast majority of people racing are already irl drivers there is no safety (no literally) to be worried about