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Discord Karting World Discord Chart

Started by Alessandro Ceronetti, August 26, 2019, 11:37:21 AM

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Alessandro Ceronetti

Hello everyone, get at the discord Karting World Server.

Every month there's new, fun competitions with lots of valuable prizes.

Alessandro Ceronetti,

Senior X30 Driver,
OKC Administrator and Founder
Kart Racing Pro World Champion
2x OKC Champion
4x OKC Vice-Champion
Season 1 SKM X30 World Champion
FPR Official Driver

Alexander Kirkwood



Karting World isn't a KRP based discord.


There are multiple KRP League discords, but they're more for the people who are actually race/helping with the series, not for generally discussing the game.


I see, perhaps someone does KRP related discord channel.


Well there's the unofficial krp discord that no one uses https://discord.gg/uz4Nf5r


Gotta put old krp discord channel work. If you need new ideas I'm available for forum or discord.