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October 18, 2019, 09:27:24 pm


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Online Kart Championships 2

Started by Alessandro Ceronetti, January 13, 2019, 05:29:40 pm

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Alessandro Ceronetti

After the success of season 1, season 2 is coming rapidly! Enter today!

Please request for events :)


January 26, 2019, 12:21:04 pm #1 Last Edit: March 12, 2019, 07:27:51 pm by Kasper Petersson
All information you need to know is on our website: https://okchampionships.wixsite.com/mysite-2

ROUND 1: Ferrari International Circuit          (31st January 2019)

ROUND 2: Ciudad Evita Karting               (14th February 2019)

ROUND 3: La Conca                                (28th February 2019)

ROUND 4: Sonoma Kart Circuit                (14th March 2019)

ROUND 5: San Jose Kartodromo               (28th March 2019)

Links to the tracks will be sent in the discord: https://discord.gg/ThDz8gt

The race programme is also in the discord

Points towards the championship are taken from Pre Final and Final Results:

1st Place- 60 Points
2nd Place- 57 Points
3rd Place- 55 Points
4th Place- 54 Points
5th Place- 53 Points                             Fastest Lap of the Meeting- +5 Points
6th Place- 52 Points
7th Place- 51 Points
8th Place- 50 Points
9th Place- 49 Points

In case of a B Final, Top 2 finishers from the B final will score championship points according to their finishing positions in the Pre-Final and the Final. The other finishers will recive the following points:

3rd Place- 48 Points
4th Place- 47 Points
5th Place- 46 Points
6th Place- 45 Points
7th Place- 44 Points
8th Place- 43 Points
9th Place- 42 Points

Enter to the Championship on the website: https://okchampionships.wixsite.com/mysite-2/registration

Entry list for the Championship         (G) = Guest driver

*Numbers are randomly generated between 200-299 when you enter for the Championship*

N        Name                               Chassis             Team                           Natl.

231    Alessandro Ceronetti          OTK                  BKC Racing                  Great Britain
256    Cory Hayes                       Lotus Kart          Privateer                      Australia
229    Kasper Petersson               OTK                  BKC Racing                   Sweden
287    Joel Oswick                       OTK                  Privateer                      Great Britain
269    Aaron Heathman               Birel                  Privateer                      United States
298    Jesse Doorgeest                OTK                  Privateer                       Portugal
227    Charlie Mann                    CRG                     T.B.A                         Great Britain
207    Aiden Kempf                    T.B.A                    T.B.A                         United States
224    Steven Heppener              Birel                  Privateer                      Netherlands
272    Estani Magaro                  OTK                  Privateer                       Argentina
262    Dayne Warren                  OTK                  Privateer                       Australia
211    Hugo Hernandez               OTK                  Privateer                       Spain
249    Corrie Hiatt                      Birel                  Privateer                      United States
257    Lukas Thomsen                CRG                  Privateer                        T.B.A
260    Max Tadd                         OTK                  Privateer (G)                Great Britain
250    Daniel Varverud                OTK                  Privateer (G)                Sweden
213    Oscar Pedersen                 OTK                  Privateer (G)                Sweden

Please note that championship entries close on the 29th of January. Any late entries will be accepted if in low numbers.


Alessandro Ceronetti

Are you interested in joining the title fight? Sign up now! (CHECK RULES BEFOREHAND).

Please don't sign up if you will not do any of the rounds.
Please request for events :)

Alessandro Ceronetti

Check out the results and race report from Ciudad!

Interested to join the championship? Join today!

Please request for events :)

Alessandro Ceronetti

After a grid of 9 people at the last round, the results are in, and we have a close championship battle coming into the last round!
check the results on the website:


Interested to see how the races are? Try joining us for the last round of the season for a 'taster'. Enter today!
Please request for events :)


After a good running the season has come to a close, check out the race report of the final round.