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The thread is for fixes to the current version

Organized by most votes

If your suggestion is gone it is probably already in the latest release. If it  is missing from the list PM me.

STATUS: Updating to BETA 15b


* More rear wheel spin especially on cold tires and wet
* More realistic KZ1 torque curve. little low rpm torque and drop off at 14500rpm by Aritz
* Too much forward grip on grass by EVO1087
* F100 cannot roll backward by EVO1087
* no lift shifting should not be possible due to load on transmission by Aritz


* Less grass sticks to tires and cleans off fast by Artiz
* Wet tires up to temperature fast by Aritz
* Greater wet tire air pressure required for optimal temp by Aritz
* Grass ,Soil, and sand should not have the particles effect in the wet by Aritz
* Marbles disabled in rain by oppolo
* No skidding sound in wet conditions by Aritz
* Wet tires require more air pressure to reach optimal temperature than normal tires by Aritz
* Some more grip with slicks in rain by Diddy4957

* No disqualification for going too slow on warm up lap  by Alphafloor
* Revert to previous betas warm up lap skip method, once every driver was on track and on his position, the countdown was stopped and the lights started to go to red by Alphafloors
* Time penalty for passing under yellow flag by Alphafloors


* Tracks with camber have the problem that the FFB reacts wrong in the opposite effects by Schwoni

* Tire independent of hub so axle stays centered in hub by EVO1087
* Hard to start in cold conditions and hand choke helps start up  by Intrepid James
* Kingpin and caster/camber plate  by EVO1087
* Fuel tank breather line by EVO1087
* Brake line and master cylinders by Schwoni
* Hand choke faster and only works once the hand reaches the airbox. Also it does not shut off the engine until its been choked for more than 2 seconds. by EVO1087


* Dashes position varies per kart some straight others rotated.Dash mount rotated 2 degrees to the left


* Momentarily disable force feedback on track while the escape menu is raised online by siklosi

T.J. Koyen:
Good points. However, I wouldn't recommend adding the hand choke gesture unless it actually was functional. I don't want to just choke it to look cool. And I'm pretty sure there's a lot of technical data that has to be integrated to full simulate the engine and the actual detonation of the fuel and heat relationships to make it realistic when choking. Unless you just make choking the engine drop the temp a few degrees.  :P But without proper carb tuning, choking the engine seems pretty useless since we can't run it extra lean anyway.

I read on Kart Sim's (sorry for bringing it up Piboso!) blog about how they fully modeled the engine to almost 100% realism so you'll be able to adjust the carb and see results in your exhaust gas temperature as you would in real life. Pretty impressive stuff. They've got a team working on their sim though, where Pib has just himself. Also their sim isn't released yet and has been in development for years so who knows what is actually going on there.

U forget one the carburation settings :)

-     fuel lines in cockpit view.

has real driver it?

-     exhaust smoke at low rpm loads (GT5) by EVO1087

i don't care so much and it is only with cold engine, endeed it require more grafichal power

-     driver tuck gesture. (Club Kart by Sega) by EVO1087

what is "tuck"? google translator can't help me, anyway we have already 4 gesture, i use only 1

-     hand choke gesture(Super 1 Karting) to prevent engine sieze at high temperatures. by EVO1087

is it used also in modern kart?

-     make it harder to look back. Players take advantage of this. looks funny in replays,

      remove look back and make it faster and more angle using the heading buttons.   by EVO1087

infact eyes are turned of 180

-     tire deformation (LFS) and axle flex opposed to hubs absorbing force.  by Airesisor

better not to show axel moving inside the wheels

-     tire pressure change should be shown in the garage after driving by Alphafloor


-     engine temperture more realistic "rise up to 150 but nothing special happened!" by Alphafloor

-     radiotor cover ups for cold days to allow enigne to run at optimum temperature by Alphafloor

i thought there is a controller temperature

-     A realistic Race day with the same tires for qualifiying and race by Artiz


-     winner acknowledgment  by Artiz 

after the race there are results, there you can see who won


- no automatic clutch in ks1 when it is below a certain speed

- more power in the ks1 brakes

- less dirt on the visor

- sound of the error during changing gear on ks1 louder


--- Quote from: oppolo on June 02, 2011, 08:08:03 AM ---
- no automatic clutch in ks1 when it is below a certain speed

--- End quote ---

Again: there is no automatic clutch on the shifters, at any kart speed or engine rpm!


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