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Asynchronous racing?

Started by PrinceAlbert, March 16, 2018, 10:29:35 PM

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I'm strongly considering a purchase but I have a question. I remember someone talking about how in the very early days of sim racing (before good connection speeds) players would drive a certain number of laps on a certain circuit in single player, then compare total times with others. In this way, a "race" can be held. Is this possible with KRP without people being able to cheat by changing game files, like Live For Speed does with single laps? Is there a way to enforce track conditions like weather and rubbering?


It is impossible to join a server with a modified game file unless the server also has this modification. If I tried to double the HP of the KF3 it would give me a mismatch. If I tried to put up my own server the time would not be valid and wouldn't go to the stats. As for weather there is no way of knowing what weather settings people used to set laps but if you set up your own server you can limit what weather is used


Could a server be set up in such a way that everyone is forced start with the same amount of rubber on track?

I think the asynchronous  idea would work well in games like this where the community is small and there can be difficulty getting a lot of people on track at the same time.


If the server resets then the rubber resets so if I set a lap and leave you join and start with the same rubber I did but the rubber is generated based on where and how hard you drive not by some sort of set line or anything like that. I think honestly you're kinda trying to over complicate the process of hotlapping or maybe I just don't fully understand what it is that you're referring to in lfs. To me the game as a whole works well for hotlapping as it encourages people to put effort into improving the setup and working more grip into the track just like real life


Prince Albert:

I think we can try, what is important is to share at the end of sessions (or race)  laptimes and sector times from Info section, where it is appearing also temperature conditions.

For sure if I race in krp i don t need to cheat.

Also, at the purpose to improve driving style and make everybody confident there is no cheating, we can share our best lap in telemetry, such as Formula 4 is doing since 2017.


We'll see how many other interested parties we can get.