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How and where do you put helmets and what is the helmet folder names?

Started by KaiTheKarter15, October 31, 2017, 12:01:17 pm

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Help i don't know where to put helmets and what folder it should be named? help! :(


Program files (x86) / Kart Racing Pro / driver / helmets / sk6 / paints
                                                                                  sk6_s / paints
                                                                                  sk6_mini/ paints


Documents / PiBoSo / Kart Racing Pro / Mods / * same as above with the driver/helmets/ thing *

sk6 = sk6 no rear spoiler
sk6_s = sky with rear spoiler
sk6_mini = mini 60 driver helmet.


I did both of them sand i cant find it in helmet paints when i go in to the game and i try and find it and i cant see it?! Plese can you give me a new helmet paint or does it matter? Thanks