Author Topic: Ports forwarding, connection timeout  (Read 1419 times)


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Re: Ports forwarding, connection timeout
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2017, 05:16:05 PM »

finally found where was the problem. the problem was on my ISP cause they're not giving me a public IP directly but giving me access through a WAN.
i noticed it cause my routers external ip was 10.x.x.x  while my public ip shows as 109.x.x.x . so the port forwarding should be done in the ISP routers witch is not possible. but strange is that i could play with my friends in the release2b through the host world option and can't now in release3.

Congrats, you got your server working. Seems you found a way to host at a different provider.  ;)


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Re: Ports forwarding, connection timeout
« Reply #16 on: November 06, 2017, 01:16:02 AM »
Yes Thank you, That's exactly what i did. changed the isp and got my server "GoKart GoHard" running and at a great ping. so for everybody else please check your routers "external IP" to match with your "public IP", you can find your public IP by typing what's my IP on google. if not, you are living in a LAN and your isp should forward you the port or you should change the isp. For the ports i use 54421, and 10611, others work as well but make sure to make your servers IP static so it doesn't change and forward the port to your IP. You should put the same port on all 4 fields on the router where it says "internal port" and "external port", or "WAN port" and "LAN port" just put the same on both.

Happy Racing!