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Track surface problem.

Started by Cory_Hayes, August 24, 2017, 11:40:08 AM

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Been messing around making a Hot Wheels styled track for a bit of fun for everyone, wanted to put a loop de loop in, been testing it, and no matter what once the kart starts going upside down and making contact with the surface ( TRKASPH ) the kart basically " explodes " if you want to say it like that, and the game crashes at the same time ( leaving you with a frozen screen of the kart broken ) ( As in the wheels being ripped off the stub axles ) I assume it is some form of glitch where the track collision doesn't like working upside down or something.

@PiBoSo if you can explain what is going wrong and how to fix it that would be mint

+ I have tried making the loop de loop bigger and bigger so I don't bottom out and it still crashes


update, ye nah the game doesn't fancy being upside down, I have made it bigger and bigger and I get upside down each time and the game dies.