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I cannot set wheel + Pedal controls

Started by tubefactor, July 20, 2017, 09:27:02 pm

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I just installed the game per steam key (works fine) but then I'm not able to properly set up my control devices, being Fanatec V2 Clubsport Wheel and Fanatec USB Elite pedals.
Starting with calibrating the wheel, the wheel works (although after a few attempts since it might be reversed) Then calibrating the pedals, the pedals works but not the wheel anymore?!

Re-calibrating the wheel, wheel works but pedals don't etc, etc

Any suggestions?
When it looks fast it usually goes fast....


The wheel and pedals must be both calibrated at the same time.
Every time the "Calibration" button is pressed, the calibration is reset for all controllers.


When it looks fast it usually goes fast....