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July 14, 2020, 12:38:00 PM


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Track crashing when loading

Started by Cory_Hayes, June 19, 2017, 06:28:25 PM

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I have been asked to make a track for a company ( specifically their track, and if it is well made they said they will look into purchasing license keys and running KRP sim setups as part of their thing )

But for some reason I can export the track, and it will work in KRP, and other times it won't, I literally added 1 single object ( that needed to be moved a fair distance ) and then exported, it crashed, so I deleted the object, re exported, track still doesn't work, literally 1 in 15 exports are working, I'm not sure if this beta is just super broken? or if I have some how messed something up ( I have never had this problem when making tracks in previous betas )

I have tried all different versions of TrackEd, and still nothing, so any thoughts @ Pibs


+ its hard to try make progress and get this done bc of it, I know I can use map viewer but its pointless unless the track is in game.

+ @ Pibs you are getting the better deal here bc there will be a bunch of sales, I am just getting one small thing out of it from the company, so ye, not sure if that is more motivation to help or nah


How big is the generated MAP file?
Could you please upload the track somewhere so it can be checked in the debugger?


its the rdf file, I had to re do the file work a couple times because I would have to re scale and other stuff in 3ds max, and for some reason some times the files just were done " wrong " and I could keep doing it over and over the same way and eventually it works, as dumb as that sounds, for now its all good though, thanks for the reply, if I get these problems again I will post the files.


( not a track but just a cheeky little WIP of multiple things )