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Poor FFB Quality

Started by Chosa, May 02, 2017, 12:05:13 pm

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Hi everybody,

I have experienced many sim (grand prix legends, nascar racing, RF, live for speed, RF2 and assetto corsa) and I tink that the best force feedback  is the AC & RFactor 2 ones.

I really like Kart Racing Pro, but it's FFB quality is very far to RF2's one (I use g27).

Running Karts on RF2 i can feel any loose of grip of the weel, every bump on the road and at least everything make the simulation very immersive.

On KRP when I release the wheel it start to zig zag itself, seem like the behavior of the old sim like GTR or GTR2.

I hope in the future we can have a FFB like Rf2, should be amazing.

Thank You


May 02, 2017, 12:42:15 pm #1 Last Edit: May 02, 2017, 12:47:47 pm by PiBoSo
Please report if this quick guide is of any help in setting the steering wheel at best:

What value of force feedback strength have you set in Kart Racing Pro -> Settings -> Input?

Please note that karts have very low steering ratio and very high caster angle. The weight of the kart itself resists steering.
Also, please note that Kart Racing Pro doesn't add any canned effect to the force feedback.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I've tried many setups from 40% to 105% now I let it set to 105%, and I can enjoy the game, but it lack the sense of immersion of the most recent ffb sim game.

And if I stop the kart and I turn the wheel of 90┬░it rebound to the center that it cannot happen in reality.
If I do this at speed, it start rebound left-right to the center.
I find many old sims that behave this problem.

I don't know the way rf2 have made ffb, maybe they have added canned effect, however I don't think that should be unrealistic or a fake simulative way.
I 'm on a fixed seat in front of a monitor so the only thing that can bring me information about what my kart is behaving (over-under steer) and where my wheel are passing or sliding, is the ffb.
To explain it better, recent driving KRP in Lonato and Zuera, I find the track smooth as a pool table, I'd like to feel the roughness of the asphalt like in the other sim.

I really hope we can have something like that in the future or at least the possibility to switch between two different ffb mode.

Thank You