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UDP Proxy
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:55:42 PM »
Starting with Release6, Kart Racing Pro integrates a plugin that allows to receive UDP data from the simulated kart in realtime.

To enable it and set the parameters, edit the file "proxy_udp.ini" in the Kart Racing Pro installation folder:
Code: [Select]
enable = 1
port = 30000
ip =
delay = 1

port: outbound port
ip: inbound address and, optional, port ( if missing, the outbound port is used )
delay: hundredths of second between packets

The packet format:
"data": null-terminated string
"state": integer. 0: software running; 1: on-track, simulation paused; 2: on-track, simulation running
"time": integer, milliseconds.
The rest of the packet follows the "SPluginsKartData_t" structure of the plugins interface:
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